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pumpkin Busa

Hi dudes. Great forum, and awesome motorcycle. Just picked it up last week and I am ready for the first oil change. I'm breaking her in by the book.

Couple questions:

1) does anyone have a rattle coming from the right side of the engine? Its metalic sounding and quiet.

2) what oil is best? I was considering a synthetic, maybe Silkolene - any Busa experience with Pro-4 10w40?

3) How about, for my first mod, a total Black-out exhaust to match the black frame - any one do this or see this on a 40th anniv. ed.?

Thanks, Rick
#1- Evidently you do... ;)

#2- I'd stay with petroleum based oil until you have 1500-2000 miles to get a good break-in. Don't know if I'll ever switch to synthetic. I think I might prefer dino oil and changing it VERY regular.

#3- I think a polished mid pipe and can ends with a black can (like Micron) would look killer on a 40th busa. In fact I think someone here has done that but I haven't seen photos.

Oh, and welcome to the board!!! Enjoy!!! :cool:
OK First welcome to the board. Second, If the sound goes away when you pull in the clutch it's normal... We call it character :cool:

I have heard real good things about Synthetics in Busa's, so don't rule em out.

Lastly Wanna go all black, interesting idea, keep your eyes on ebay for a 1999-2001 Stock set of rear pipes, then check into Micron, I think they wil have the black you are looking for, them or D&D...

Welcome aboard man..
Is the metalic sound coming right at warm up?

You could change out to synthetic oils at 600 if you wanted. Motorhead changes his out of the box. No problem what-so-ever. Stick with the Mobil1 blue cap.

I, personally, wouldn't wait until 1500 miles to go w/ the synth. Your noise might just go away when you switch over. And, you're shifting will be less notchy, too.
HMF makes a damn sweet pipe that would look great with that 'Punk'-en! Sounds great and deee-livers the ponies, too!

Twisted, my bet is PB is a guy, perv! :tounge: Don't ask the box question!
I had a similar noise from my 40th Annibusa. It went away when I did the 500 mile maintenance and tightened the allen nuts on the exhaust connecting to the heads.

Wit a name like that...

I call me wifey pumkin sumtimes! :tounge:

Jokin aside, pay no attention to the above remarks. Nobody else does!

Stay safe, ride within your means and have fun bro!

twisted- What kind of chicks are you hanging with? (with names like Rick) :laugh:

Welcome to the pleasure dome... In Xanadu did Kubli Khan, pleasure dome... ERECT!

I call my wife pumkin sometimes too!

Rattling and odd sounds are normal, and some of them go away shortly after break-in.

Anyway, I don't dig full synth, because the bus has a wet clutch... Maybe try a 1/2 synth like silkolene (that is what I use).

As far as the pipe and can, I say go with what YOU think will look killer!

Enjoy the board... Post some pics, and buy a shirt!

Congrats! Where in Dallas are you? I'm in Allen. Perhaps I can give you a lesson in pulling wheelies when your ready !!

#3- I think a polished mid pipe and can ends with a black can (like Micron) would look killer on a 40th busa. In fact I think someone here has done that but I haven't seen photos.
That would be me. I just put on a full Micron with a black annodized can on my '03 SE and it looks sweet. I also have blacked out the footpegs and mounts and rear brake brace. It looks much better.

I will post pics shortly but I am still working a few things and for that matter my girlfriend has the damn digital camera so I have to wait my turn.

But really, it is a huge improvement for the black frame Busa's and looks better than carbon too (IMHO).
hey Welcome to the board!
The noise is A: Prolly normal B: will prolly go away after the 1st service. :)

I highly recommend Dino based oil with regular 3000 mile changes, change the filter at every oil change too.
Watch your idle speed too you'll notice that it will slowly decrease over time. It should be set at 1100rpms.

As I prefer the look & sound of the stock pipes on my '02 Grey/Silver I'll let you make your own decision on the pipes. :cool: