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Hi All!

My name is Elias and i live in Greece.I currently own a 2001 silver blackbird.Hopefully today or tommorow i'll have my 2003 busa in my garage..I have many questions but first i'll have to revise the forum a little bit, i'm sure that i'll find many of the answers i'm seeking..

But because i've just read about the sub frame issue i wanted to be sure that my model doesn't have the problem with the sub-frame is that so?
Hi Earthdog,

If it's a brand new 2003 model Busa you're buying, it will definitely have the metal subframe, as opposed to the alloy one which had problems.

Enjoy it,

Welcome to the board.......and vlad the impaler is subframe issues on newer bikes.........they have steel subframes. Check out the board, there's not a question about a busa that can't be answered in this forum.

P.S. Get a picture of yourself on one wheel by the parthenon or sitting in the center of the theater at Epidaurus! That would be great!
Welcome to the board Earthdog!!
Congratulations on buying a new 'Busa.

Yes, pictures! we like pics!
Welcome to the board, Im getting a new busa myself in June 02 silver/silver if i can find it, but 03 silver/silver otherwise, and a set of plastic, hehe. Congrats on the new bike and be ready, its not as slow as teh blackbird, hehehehe.
Welcome to the WORLD OF BUSA!! you can also sign up for the Busa Addict 12 step program in the first 7 days and get a free I'm a Busa Addict pin.

My name is Dez, and I'm a Busaholic
Welcome to the board, Earthdog. I think it was only the 1999-2001 models that had the alloy sub frame.
Injoy the Busa.
Welcome Easy E. What color choices do you have in Europe? Are they the same as the states?

I bet you could come up with some good pics for our Photo Contest.

Welcome again!
Thank you all for the welcome....

As for the color in greece we only have the Black/silver color choice for 2003..I love this combo along with the gold forks!!!!! Sure i'm gonna find a nice place down here to have new baby photoed.....;-))