New Busa owner/forum member in NJ


Hey guys/gals...I am new to the forum and just bought my first Hayabusa 2 weeks ago. I got the 2013 White/Grey. I am a long time rider I have had a ZX7, old school oil cooler GSXR's 1100 and a big dog (back in the day 1277 that was a great drag/street sleeper! I have been off a bike for a couple of years I was forced to sell my last bike (2000 R1) But now I am back and so far I am SOOOO happy with my bike. I only have 80 miles on it so I am still shaking the rust off of me since I haven't been riding and getting used to the Busa but they are so smooth and comfortable I know I made the right choice. I will admit I was VERY up in the air about the ABS but we will see about that! Glad I found the forum!

Being the selfish bastid I am, you'll need to show me/us some pretty pictures of that fancy white beast.
It's the law round these parts.:rulez8bn:
Welcome! Long Island here. You may be close to NJMP in case track days is your thing. I have a friend with white one. They are beautiful.

Took me a minute to figure it out but here are a few shots of my new baby! I was looking at the 2012 left over HARD because of the deals and I wasn't sure about the ABS (I'm still not) but I kept looking at the white 2013 and then one day I made the decision! I love the grey and white with the black wheels!!
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