Need review on dyno shop in Hudson, Ny


Ok. Here the deal. I want to have my ecu flashed by powerhouse very soon and with my power commander. I will probably mail my ecu to have flashed. Powerhouse is about 2hrs or so from where I live depending on traffic. There is a shop with dyno jet certification dyno called east coast customs in Hudson, NY which is about an hr. I can't find any reviews on Internet for them. Any help would be great. Thank you guys.
You said it was 2 hours. I would take it to a known expert that will work the bike until it's perfect. Your money, your bike. Best of luck.
Believe me dude. I would love to take it to frank but whether I trailer bike or ride it, that LI Traffic sucks bad.

:whistle: Hmmmm, tried and true or total crap shoot....

I'd opt for a few hours of inconvenience with traffic and travel knowing the quality of work and experience I were to receive.
If your having him flash the ecu, ya might as well have him dyno tune it also while you are there.