Need recommendation for gear.


Need a recommendation for a good glove for hot weather riding. I have a heavy duty pair that I really like for long long rides in cooler weather, but when in the summer they get really hot and my hands become very uncomfortable. So what would be a good pair of summer gloves for riding in florida.

Always said I would never wear gauntlet gloves. I went down the first of September with summer weight Joe Rocket short gloves and my hands to a beating. One finger broken and still not able to fully use it. Will not ride without REAL gloves ever again nor full leathers and moto specific boots. ATGATT or stay home:rulez:
Whatever glove you decide make sure you buy a credible brand and that it's leather. Yeah your hands are gonna be hot but leather protects and lasts way longer than textile gloves. Your hands will thank you later :whistle:
Hot weather/cold weather, I use the same. The level of protection is whats most important to me as I ride 300+ miles a week year round.
Alpinestars GP Pro here.
Agree with the other posts. I went down with a textile style summer glove while riding in the summer GA heat. The gloves were destroyed and I had some injuries to my hands. I upgraded to full leather Cortech gloves that are not made anymore that are not gauntlets, but full leather to the wrist and could not be happier. I wear them in summer and winter and had a get off while wearing them. They got a bit of road rash, but I still wear them to this day.

Don't go thin or cheap when dealing with gear, you may regret it.
I have always had gauntlet gloves from Held.... the ones I have now Ive had since 2007. they are phantoms .. great glove. great company and top quality product. you wont be disappointed. I do believe they run just a tad on the large size though
I have Scorpion SG3's, made with Knox Armor. I agree with BusaBret, never ride without real leather gloves. I was wearing some shift brand textile gloves that fell apart when I hit the roadway. (A woman in a Saturn made a U-turn, and took up all the lanes.)
I can't remember the exact name but I have all leather Joe Rocket's and the fingers are perforated to allow air to cool your hands off.
I bought what I think is now my favorite glove. Teknic Xcelerator Glove.

When I first put them on I thought my hands are going to boil in these but I was really surprised at how cool they are in even 100 degree heat at speed. The palms are made of a kangaroo skin that feels like it breathes but I think its all the venting the gloves offers. The protection the glove offers is almost next to none in my opinion. I shopped hard and I'll be buying them again.

Here's a link I didn't look very long but I think you can find a better price.

Teknic Xcelerator Gloves - RevZilla
I wear a pair of cortech adrenaline gloves and never feel like my hands are over heating. Look for a glove without a fabric lining as they tend to be cooler.
I like those teknic gloves. Might have to add that to my list of new gear items

But since teknic is gone out of business, that might be difficult.
another vote for HELD gloves here (I use the AIR model for really HOT summer days). and also for the Alpinestars GP Pro for all other times of the year