Need new tires.


Ive been running Battlax ,stock front, 200/50zr17 rear.Ineed something w/good cornering,but that I can get some miles out of. Help Im looking for opinions.thanks ,,,,,
I've been using Avon Azaro sport II, AV39/40 V300's, now I need a new rear, so I'm going to try the new Azaro Sport AV46ST. Same great grip but better mileage, so as I'm going to be doing some long runs the next couple of months I'm having one fitted at the end of the week.
My personal choice is Metzeler,, I've used several different performance tire's... on different bikes, and I got some of my most radical lean angles, with confidence Im under control with a set of ME-1's. I kind of liked the Dunlop Sportmax, But I could never "feel" or "read" when the tire was starting to come loose (ya know when you accelerate and get the wiggles coming out of the corner) With the Metzeler I could always feel it when im at the limit- thus feeling more under control. There new tire the Sportec M-1 sounds pretty good but I havent tried it. My Busa is only 3 weeks old now so Im going to give the battle axes a chance before I change them!

The Bridgestone 010 is a very good performance tire with good milage. Pilot sports have excellent grip and good milage. The 010s are cheaper and work almost as good as the Pilot sports..........................................