Need help!

I took the Turbo out again. This time with a Shinko Reactor on back. I didn't have a bigger sprocket so I left it at a 42 in back. I know that its WAY taller than the Stealth I was running. And I have a Hook up, I just didnt have it mounted yet.

Here are my best times from yesterday.


With Shinko Stealth tire spinning. This is from a few weeks ago.


With 2.5 inch taller Shinko Reactor Slick, which helped traction, but hurt mph.

I tried coming out of the hole at 8000 rpm and that made a big difference. I am unsure of the clutch work involved in the bike I bought it this way. But I was under the influence it had the Brock Mod.

What type of cost would I be looking at for a lock up clutch?

I really want to get this bike in the 8's and I know it can be done. Seat time is probably the best thing for me. I chopped over a full second off my 99 Vmax with pretty much just seat time.

My best mph is 150 mph and my best 60 ft was a 1.64. Best et so far is 9.72 above. My mph indications show I have the power, but I am just not ET'ing well.

Shift points are foot shifted since my air shifter blew a seal. I would like to install a light.

Let me know if you have any tips for me.

Bike is 10" over, lowered so its 2" off the ground, stage 1 mr turbo kit with 5-6 psi of boost, made 244 hp on the dyno. I know for sure, that I need shock help in back and I think with the lock up clutch I could be getting myself closer to where I want to be.

How much do you weight?

Where was it dynoed and how recent?

Stage-2 lockup clutch is around $400 unless you want a more drag specific setup to bracket race with.
It was at Ryan Schnitz place a couple months ago, and then at Maximum Peformance, and now down the road at a local shop to get a off throttle problem taken care of.

I weigh 210 lbs naked. I want to say 238 with gear if I recall correctly.

I need more seat time for sure. I have raced alot, so I am not new to racing, but new to this type of power. I ve had a **** ton of 10 second bikes, but nothing like this bike.