Need help before buying hump

Mikey D

I'm about to purchase a hump from GeebMan and as I have never purchased anything over the net/via email before, I'd like input from the board.
1. GeebMan is a new guy with single digit posts, does anyone have any info on him?
2. This is a grey hump & I have an '02 Busa, I assume like most body parts it will fit.  Will it?
3. What is the best way to handle the transaction so I don't get riped off?
4. The hump is $75 shipped.  This sounds about average.  Is it?

And finally...
I have corrosponded with GeebMan via email, but since then, I reread the thread and BulletTrain, you called dibs on it before me, so if you want it, it's yours.  Let me know, I won't move on it until I hear from you.  

Thanks for your time guys!
Mikey, you are good people, man. Not many people would have asked before they bought the hump. It's not like you had to or anything, you just did. That was cool. :beerchug:

The hump is all yours man. My play money went elsewhere after it was posted as SOLD and I forgot all about it. Feel free to snatch it up if you're comfortable dealing with the seller. I think $75 shipped it a pretty good price if it's in the described condition. And yes, it will fit. ;)
Ooooops. Meant to add that I like using US Postal Service Money Orders for online transactions when I can. I think they offer the most protection to both the buyer and seller. The Postal service is supposed to have their own intestigators that handle mail fraud. A fraudlent deal involving a USPS MO is mail fraud. I say "supposed to" because I've never had the misfortune of being ripped a new one on an internet deal. I do know that trying to get your local law enforcement agency to try and prosecute a $75 loss when the offender is out of state would be a MAJOR biotch. They would probably do little more than an incident report.

PayPal doesn't offer much protection and no inherent recourse. You are on your own when it comes to prosecuting a crook. It's too easy to be left with a credit card statement and no product. I only use PayPal for transactions with people I really trust, like Captain for t-shirts, Johnnycheese for PCIIIR, and War Baby for exhaust. I'd say only use PayPal when you're very sure of who you're dealing with, or don't mind losing the amount you're sending.

Check references if available. eBay ratings might be an indicator of a good seller, or it could be a stolen account. Happens all the time. I don't mess with eBay much more than I mess with PayPal. Just my personal preference...

Good luck...