My video Camera Mount

Very cool mount you've created there thrasher...I like it! Yeah, now we need some video!
I like it...
However, I also like being able to see the speedo & rpm's in the vids I done.I wanna see that at Laguna dude. thanx for sharing.
Hows the sound on the vids when the camera is outside the windscreen?  Lots of wind noise?
Actually it is not too bad.

The first mount I had, I discovered the wind was causing major problems with the mics, so this last mount that I did and my last drive, I took a cotton ball, compressed it really tight and placed it over the left and right mics and taped it down over them. So what it did was cut way down on the wind noise, but still allowed sounds such as my exhaust sound, you can hear me shifting etc.

It still produced a little more wind noise than I wanted, so my next test is going to be with a piece of small think foam taped over the mics.

If you save the picture of the camera and enlarge it you should see on top of the camera the cotton. and the scotch tape had no problems holding on even when I hit 150+ with the camera on the bike

But the program I have for working with the video allows me to manipulate the volume of the sound bites, so I should be able to edit the video and decrease the loudness of the wind if there is any.

I haven’t watched the video yet at the point where I hit 150+, so I am wondering what the sound will be like at that speed.