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Here's the story--I'm interested in mounting my little Sony video camera (Sony GC1) to the bike. I'm new at this--never did it before. Here's my question. I already have a Tech Mount stem mount that I use for Sirus radio. Will that mount be good for the camera? Will it vibrate and cause a blurry pic? Ideas and suggestions? THANKS!:thumbsup:
You can do it, but I wouldn't expect very good quality from that combo......even zoomed out the GC1 has a narrow field of view...what that means is you will see every bump and vibration in the road and a very little perriferial view...which equals "boring"

For example...think about when you zoom in with your digital camera and trying to hold the composition steady...hard to do, but much easier when you zoom out with a wide field of view.

That's why all the popular POV cameras have a wide angle view...cuts down image chatter and much more interesting info in the image.
The tech mount doesn't offer much cushion if it's like mine with just a patch of velcro on it....which will increase vibration.

If your serious about up and go with the GoPro HD...Tim At Pashnit has the best deal going. They can't be beat money or image wise!
Hope this helps.
I got a wide angle lens for my vid camera and a tank mount, as well. It sits a little far back so I get more windscreen than anything else, but when I get some time I'll adjust it.
Thanks for the advise--the camera is one I've had around the house for awhile, and I want something to mount on the bike. Since I've never had a camera on the bike I'm totally "stupid" about this. Sounds like I need to look at different cameras and mounts. THANKS!
If your serious about up and go with the GoPro HD...Tim At Pashnit has the best deal going. They can't be beat money or image wise!
Hope this helps.

Paul, I started mounting cameras on the Busa as soon as I bought it years ago and have been dabbling ever since. Original mounting back in the day was all centered around the SportBikeCam mount which is an excellent quality product.

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We still sell the SportBikeMount, but the technology is changing quickly to more miniature cameras. Most advanced action sports cameras we've got came out a few months ago with the all new GoPro HD.

Keep in mind the context- a video camera is a video camera, an action sports camera is for action. So 5 years ago, action sports cameras were in their infancy with all the bullet cams, we've come a long way!

The shots looks like this and we'd recommend an aftermarket windscreen that's optically clear like the Zero Gravity or your other preferred brand if you shoot through the windscreen with your video camera.

I used to mount my normal digital camera on there a lot and snap away.


The actual video using a tank mounted position looks like this:

Keep in mind I shot the first one with a video camera, and the second one with my day-to-day digital camera.

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Btw, the GoPro HD mentioned is here if you want to read up on it or order one.

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The GoPro is entirely new way of shooting photos & video, or rather gives you the ability I should probably say. The video footage ends up looking like this:

Much much different than the fixed postion tank mount. This was done over a 20 mile stretch of road in 5 different positions and I was working to keep up with the guy on the GS in front of me. :laugh:

If your thought it to just get some quick snaps out there while riding and it's a small camera, get a strap that'll go around your neck, and just let the camera hang in your jacket. See something, take a quick snap and done. I actually will carry the camera most of the day around my neck and it rests on the tank bag when not needed.

Don't forget one of the best features of the GoPro is it's not just a video camera but a normal digital camera. This is one of my favorite photographs I've shot with the GoPro.

How it's done:

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