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Does anyone use these RAM camera mounts? I'm wondering about what quality they are. I would hate to mount my camera to something cheesy and brittle. I would like to get a little feedback on this product before I fork over $55.00 on it. Thanks

RAM-B-176-C1U FORK STEM MOTORCYCLE CAMERA MOUNT SYSTEM - eBay (item 350282549474 end time Jan-20-10 17:25:34 PST)

Oh, and I DON'T want a tank mount. I use my tank bag way to often for one of those. Besides, it just looks like the tank mounts might get in the way.
I have heard nothing but good about it. PM pashnit he has plenty of experience with ram systems.
I have a Ram Mount System and I really like it. It is a stem mount for my GPS, stays put right where you want it.

Here is where I got mine.
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I use this mount for my gopro and gps in the stem. The short arm not the long one fits perfect
never used one for a bike but works great on my Rhino when in the field...didnt break and held unit when I rolled it too! :whistle:
I use the identical mount cabusagirl, just with the shorter arm (1.5" I believe). Works great on a couple different digital cameras, no vibration problem at all. :thumbsup: They're no flimsy in the least, I crank down on the knob and it's solid, not once have I worried about it breaking - nice unit!
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Doesn't the GoPro have the standard 1/4 thread in the bottom of the camera? Maybe not, my vHoldrHD doesn't, but it has it's own type of mount although from what I read vHoldr is working on a threaded mount that should be out shortly.

Found this R2B - I think this is what you need for the GP camera - GoPro Official Store: Wearable Digital Cameras for Sports

The camera does come with a mount. Just want to see how he used the ram mount with the GoPro
The camera does come with a mount. Just want to see how he used the ram mount with the GoPro

If it already has the threaded hole, just spin it onto the part cabusagirl posted, I use the idetical mount and it has a nice bit of flexibility regarding the positioning of the camera. The arm allows you to raise and lower the camera angle by moving it forward, up, or backwards - depending on whether you want say the gauges in the shot. Clear windscreen also works better than the oem opaque or a smoked one.
I just send PM to Pashnit. Sounds like everyone likes this product. Wonder if Pashnit can get it cheaper... :whistle:
I just send PM to Pashnit. Sounds like everyone likes this product. Wonder if Pashnit can get it cheaper... :whistle:

Shannon, your options with the Busa are the setup you posted, or a TechMount.

RAM is 6000 part numbers & you can order kits, or little bits. I think I've got over $400 in RAM pieces just working last season to get the GoPro camera setup on the bike just right. RAM is extremely common and pure function.

We don't carry the RAM items as it's an immense project taking on 6000 part numbers. :laugh: RAM is also so big of a company, they have warehouses where that product is pulled and shipped from. You being in Sac, they have one in Nevada & whatever you order, you'll have it in 3 days.

The only main difference I see is the rotational stress put on the RAM mount - look at the little screw in your pic. Vs. the Techmount is slightly different solution where a rod with multiple grommets is inserted into the steering head. Keep in mind the Techmounts also has an immense range of heights and color options of the same thing.

Goto, punch your part number into their search feature and done. Techmounts allows you to look up your bike, then it gives you options on what will fit it.
Shannon, btw, you may have missed this but short while back, built an entire page about RAM Mounts here and mounting up the GoPro. Lot of trial & error here, and finally a finished product that looks like this.

Because the GoPro also functions as a normal camera, getting shots like this has basically created an entire new style of photography for me beyond the 'through the windscreen shot'

With the RAM arms, get the angle you want for a rather unique vantage point. :thumbsup:
The setup goes something like this if you'd like to invest the time and money.

The RAM arm is made up of variations of these part numbers:

RAM-PF-585-6: RAM 6" Flex Arm with 1/4" NPT Ends
RAM-B-218-1: RAM Single Ball with 1/4" NPT Hole
RAM-B-200-1: RAM Single Ball Socket Arm for 1" Balls
RAM-B-201: RAM Double Socket Arm for 1" Balls
RAM-B-202: RAM 2 1/2 Diameter Base with 1" Ball
RAM-B-252U: RAM .87x2.25 with 11 mm Hole & 1" Ball
RAM-B-272U: RAM Base with 9 mm Hole and1" Ball




Wow!! Thanks for all the info!! I will definitely be doing some more research the Ram stuff. :beerchug: Seems like pretty good prices too. I just waned to make sure I was purchasing something I can trust my camera with. I would hate to lose it on the road!
would hate to lose it on the road!

Use a tether if you're concerned about such a thing. I'm going to assume as this is a fixed point on the bike, you're using a normal small point and shoot. For an occasional road pic, that very first pic would work just fine.

When travel or ride the twisties in a group, normally have it around my neck, then rest it on the tankbag. Always at the ready. :laugh:

When all else fails, the bike itself makes a pretty decent camera platform. :lol: