Motorcycle Camera Mounts...

Can you post Pic's of how you use it with the GoPro?

Go do a search for GoPro and look for some posts I've made; I took a few pics and posted them then don't have now. Tim (Pashnit) and I talked about this quite a bit.

I actually tapped a GoPro mount for added protection and screwed the GoPro mount into the RAM plate. I have also threaded a few zipties in order to protect from losing the camera if the mount broke. Works great.

Actually, here's the best pic I have of the GoPro mount on the RAM plate (long arm). And also pic of GPS in the stem (Short mount).

IMG_0073 (Large).jpg

I've been using Ram mounts for my GPS and sonar units on my bass boats for years. Great quality, they can take a beating and fully adjustable. I love them.