My Ride


Heres an attempt at posting a picture of my ride. Hopefully it will show if not Ill just hide my head in shame and try again later !

Hey this is fun! Now I have to get you all some detailed mod shots that Ive done cause of you ! :D
Someone is going to have to realize that the 2000 Blue/Silver has the official record of the fastest street bike which was recorded in Bonneville... Of course I do officially have the fastest color of a 00' blue/silver!!
PS: I always get a kick out of people arguing about fastest color on here! So I figured I would join in with some facts! Let the fastest color battle begin! 00' Blue and Silver is offically the FASTEST!! hehe

BTW, nice pic!!
Thanks man its ARROW Made in Italy nice pipe all around Im gonna get some more shots over the weekend Ive done lots of small stuff to make it mine.