My poor brand new busa


My busa is leaking oil at 50 miles out the left side near the dustcover(on it rather). I took it back to the dealership and they dont really seem to want to fix it or tell me what the problem is. I didnt abuse the bike. #### i FOLLOWED an 84' Toyota cressida with 323,000 miles all the way home. My rpms never went even over 5000. What could be the problem. and why is it when ever i ask the guys at the service department what the latest news is, all they say is "we had to order some new parts???" Im getting tired of this  

Arguing with them gets me nowhere :argue:  and im just really really depressed my bran new 13000$ machine doesnt run anymore after 1 ride home from the dealership...
Brother don't bum out it will get back together. I turfed my bike in the mountains and watched all the oil leak out of the hole in cover! Not to mention it was all on video. Once you get through the break in miles I would find your own mech and not go back to the dealership except for warranty work. They are being asses because they can't charge you for the work. That is my opinion. You could have worse problems. You own the fastest machine ever put into production. There are no bad days as a busa owner!!!

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:
If they touched it before leaving, I wouldn't be suprised if they didn't screw it up for you.

If it's leaking from the left side it could be a number of things. I'd suspect a leak from the valve cover, either a bad seal or one of the six bolts is loose. I would go ahead and remove the fairings, note exactly where the leak is starting (you will probably have to remove the airbox and lift the heat sheild to look around the valve cover.

Even if you aren't sure about fixing it yourself, at least then you can know if the dealer is giving you a load of BS (which I can guarantee that they will, anyway).
thanks for the words of encouragement guys. I know itll be ok. I am just so excited about getting it. But it is pretty funny to listen to these clowns try to come up with excuses why they arnt working on it.
"uhh, the umm trancontinual sphincter is hitting the uhh rotator splint and umm, we need parts"
why me?

and i do have a good mech lined up. its actually a mech that works at mission hes a good guy(ceptin for the whole "yamaha" thing) :hammerhead:
Hey guy its too bad about the service there they will not make any future sales with that attitude . It is your bike tell them you want to know exactly what the problem is if they are busy and they havent looked at it. Tell them you understand , trust me you will get more from being nice and bullshitting with them than giving them a hard time . If you still dont think they are getting the job done I reccomend you tell them you are going to contact Suzuki directly if they are anything like a car shop they own there own franchise but still have to report to Suzuki and will need to keep a good customer service score. Try talking to the owner of the shop if he is in the building or the sales person you bought it from tell him you want to talk to the sales manager . But I would use these as a last resort you dont want a pissed of service dept working on your bike if you can help it . Also I believe (maybe I am wrong) you can get your warranty service from any Suzuki shop look for one with a good service dept . Good Luck dont worry things will get better.
Don't have the work done at a dealership you are already not happy with. You can go to ANY Suzuki dealership to have warranty work done.

Don't let incompetent, or just non-caring, people work on your vehicle. Your LIFE is at risk if they screw up. Life is too short.

Jim G
Simply ask what parts they are waiting for and ask for a written estimate of parts and estimate time of completion. Get them to sign it for "your Records" if it is a minor problem wait it out. If its a major problem every state has a lemon law that allows you to cancel the sale. They may be trying to wait out that time period which will basically leave you at the mercy of the warranty.

Be nice but firm
Today was awesome!. Oh my god. I call a few times and finally get someone who tells me my bike is done. So I drive 70 miles up to this place and they bring out my bike. I notice first off a giant oily bootprint on the seat. Pissed off I ask what was the matter with the bike and the oil leak. I am told by the service manager that they didnt find anything.
I asked what the #### all that oil was then. He tells me it was cosmoline a protective coating they put on the motor to prevent rust. Now Im being treated like an idiot because I know what oil is and what cosmoline is(this poop is brown). I mention that and he tells me its different when its hot.
this is where it gets good.......
I ask where my service reciept is, all i get is a blank stare. then the ####### tells me that because I wasnt here when I HAD TO PAY FOR THE TOWING 70 #### miles that there was no paperwork!!!!! i demanded a reciept. so he tells me ok and walks away. Next thing i know this motherfucker is driving away in his truck!! So I start running after him and jump in the bed of his truck which he promptly stops. He freaks out and asks me whats going on so i ask him if he ios forgetting something. he says no and I remind him of the service contract. So we go back inside, the collar of his shirt in my hand and he finally prints me out a receipt.
I drive the bike home, good time thing still is leaking.
the end, to #### with these guys this bike is a lemon and Im getting rid of it. i gotta find out who to call to make this happen.
Be cool, this will work out for you. Put their darn name on this Board and where they are located. Tell them you are doing this on a board with X # of people and the word will get out. Even if you don't go back to them, put their name and location on this board. We need to hang together and fight this kind of crud. Sounds like you paid top price also. They are way out of line.

Call your state consumer protection agency and see if they will help, BUT show them how nice of a guy you are and don't slamthe bike shop. Just tell them the facts and have it in your head that the cpa will help you (or at least lead you in the right direction).

Keep cool and decisively take action. Best to you man.

I agree with PUGH if you keep your cool and take pictures of everything the footprint etc record everything dates things they did or didnt fix etc but if you go to court or consumer affairs you have to show that you are not one of those psycho customers that are hard to deal with Before you go as far as trying to lemon the bike find another service dept at a Suzuki dealer and see what they say get it on a service order so you have a record My parent lemoned out a new truck there are alot of hoops to jump through if it is a leaky gasket or something it would be easier to have a good dealership fix it and spend more time riding than your bike sitting at a dealer
ya i know guys, Ill keep a cool head. I was just really hot about it yesterday.
Btw, this place is called Chapparal, they are located in San Bernadino, CA off the 215. lots of Bikes, lots of Bike stuff, not very good people.
Had what I think to be the same problem with the oil leak on a brand new Busa too. Took it in (1 week ago) for the first service and told the service guys about it. When I got the bike back from the first service I asked about the leak and they said it was just a bad seal. All fixed and paid under warranty. Good luck on getting yours fixed.