My new seat, not a tobin, custom stingray


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I rode with the stocker, wanted something different. Bought the Corbin set, hated it. I've had them on all my bikes and thought they were great, this one just plain stank. I ordered the Tobin. Comfy, love the look, my butt ached wicked after 100 or so miles and I felt a little cramped, my torso is short and legs are long.

I brought my Tobin to the local guy that has done all my boat stuff. He also does custom bike seats and just about anything else that can be padded or covered.

I wanted the Tobin look but with a gel pad and something different for a cover. I asked him to make it with Stingray hyde, I chose black and red in the same pattern as my Tobin. I had him give me an extra inch or so space on the actual seating area so I can move around a little.

I knew this was gonna be pricey but anything custom or one of a kind for a bike or car usually is. I spent well over $30K on the Warrior between the bike and the custom pieces. I never asked how much beforehand and knew I'd be treated fairly. Some of you will likely fall off of your chairs anyway.

The gel pad was $90 from "Butt Buffer", I bought the stock seat from somebody here for $45. The Stingray hydes were $90 each and he needed three to make the cover without the funky white stripe that they have on them (You can see part of it on the red back piece). The total from the shop was rounded down to $500. So $500 + $45 + $90 = $635 for this seat.

It is wicked comfy and likely close to indestructable as far as the finish goes. It has a wicked texture to it and though it looks slick it is pretty grippy. I have never really liked "shiny" seats but I kept going back to this stuff when I was looking at hydes. The Sharkskin stuff is cool also but I didn't see anything with color to it.

He was making a cover for a 06' LE at the same time as mine was there. It wasn't cut down at all just stock foam with new covers. It was white with a black Stingray stripe down the middle with the pattern running down it. I'll try to get a pic of that one also.

Opinions please, good or bad, no matter, I just want to know what you guys think.

Yikes!! I am sorry but i am not digging it. Especially for what it set you back
But it doesn't matter what others think, if youre happy with it that is all that matters.

Tobin seat is alot better looking in my opinion, but i do not know how comfortable i would be on a Tobin. Stocker really isn't bad to me
Oh man that seat is BEAUTIFUL. I know a guy who has a stingray hide seat on his V-Rod and there's nothing in the world that looks or feels like that. You get a thumbs up from me, that's the coolest looking seat I've seen on a Hayabusa for a long time.
Don't be sorry, everybody is allowed an opinion... I was kinda shaky about it till I got it on the bike and sat on it... It work better for me with the gel insert. The cover needs to loosen/soften up a bit too, it it still wicked stiff.
DN -
I looked at your seat for a couple of minutes, trying to figure out what I didn't like about it... Something hits me wrong, but it took just a little bit...
I don't like all the seams. They break up the seat for me too much, especially sinc eit looks so much like a Tobin, but it isn't as fluid - to me. Looks like a great seat - I bet it is comfy as all get out.

The look ain't for me - but hey, it ain't my seat... also, I'm guessing that when yer sitting on the seat, no one can see the seams... so if ya keep riding, you'll never hear a bad word from me!
The Tobin will most likely be up for grabs in about two weeks. The shop recommended that I keep it as a spare for about that time just in case we need something adjusted on this one. He just wanted to make sure all the glue, stiches, staples, and rivets hold up along with any wrinkles that might show up after use. It is actually animal hyde and will "break in" a bit. If you are interested I paid $166 to Tobin with a core. And would let it go for say $125 with a stocker (just in case I decide to do something stoopid down the road).