My husband


You all saw pictures of me(Blas 32 wife) half naked so my agreement with my husband was that he would post a picture of himself. Well that didn't happen so I made it happen(ha ha). I am not sure you have many female members but I can say I am very proud of my man!! I could not find a picture with him on his Busa but this will have to do. I hope he won't be mad at me for taking matters into my own hands while he is out watching the Tyson fight.

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Ha!!!! Turnabout is fair Play!!!

I used to have a six pack, many years (and six packs) ago.
I think the only problem there is that there was NO TYSON FIGHT!!!! jezus..... point head in direction of punch, collect 1 million dollars.

but hey, blas wife, nice job at taking care of yourself.... you're quite gorgeous... anyway.................................
Pretty quick since the fight was 49 seconds long. Even got a pic with you smiling. Great job

Think you got every one fooled, blas?
Not me, i know you wanted to put that picture up of your self, because who do you love?
You gotta get pics with the Busa! You live in Florida for goodness sakes. Most of us would kill to be able to take the thing out of the garage right now.

Have fun, and good for you!