My first ride -2001 hayabusa!


Got up 5 o'clock Saturday morning,had called on an ad in News On Wheels couple a days ago and this guy was selling a 2001 with 2200 miles on it ...We bullshitted a little and he told me if I made the trip(150miles ) he'd let me ride it!!!
to see what I thought ....I bought a brand new silver R1 two months ago and almost immediately felt it was underpowered-pondered for two months and 5500 miles -then a week ago ...SOLD IT.......Now I had my sights set on Hayabusa,but a ride would have to be taken to see if it was all that....After driving for two hours listening to Tom Petty and watching the sun rise over the southern Louisiana swamps I was there .I put on my leathers and fullface and Mitch ,the DUDE selling it handed me the keys ...and went to clean his pool(he had a brand new Porsche and Fat Boy parked next to his boat and Jetskies in the garage......The motor sounds great ..rough ,not refined and I liked it ...the little stretch to the bars was nice ...and without much throttle -very complacent....I am experienced so please -no flaming for what I'm about to describe....I went through thet gears swiftly and HOLY poop the torque and "launch in ANY gear ...right ....I'm IN LOVE ...I get her on the interstate after making a U turn and it turns great yes it's heavy but so low and planted all works...On the interstate 8 AM not many cars ,it's Saturday so a few people going to the lakes ,half awake ........I gun it ......she's talking to me I get goosebumps and almost get emotional...all these years riding stock street bikes I have longed for you Hayabusa...all I ever dreamed of ...OK in upright psition I slide on the seat from accelerating I lay on the tank and shift from 4th pinning the throttle ,since the road ahead is clear , man how smooth and exiting ,perfect ....I repeat...perfect aerodynamics so I shift 5 and 6 and pin throttle ....not the least bit of shake ...little bit of vibes through footpegs....but I don't CARE....speedo shows 180....1 8 0 .........and it's 8:07 in the morning and I know I just experienced something SPECIAL and HISTORIC in sportbike history.....I go back thank Mitch and decline to buy based on some poor maintenance signs I see...TRUTH IS I"M GETTING A BRAND NEW ONE -NO CONTEST ....I just wanted to get that off my chest...
Man, you are killin' me. Don't know how much longer I can hold out before I buy mine. Awesome write-up. It is hard to believe there is a machine this sweet.
hey man im tellin ya this bike is the best thing besides the corps that has happened to me .......the bike is so fun so much power and it will handle more than i can ever ride..........well i hope not but the way it seems it will fun huh shes heavy sucks gas draws attention but hell its all worth it...........the thrill everyday i ride i get the excitement spinning tires the pure rush .........what a bike......compared to anyother bike i rode.......i rode all the big bores before i bought mine.......get one get one
My Silver/Silver '02 is coming around the 14th of june(my b-day). I get a rush just sitting on one. I already working on a schedual for the first day.
1st: Well, trade harley and pay difference(even tho harley is worth more).
2nd: start break-in process (Im gonna use this method )
3rd: Oil Change at 20 miles.
4th: Continue break in process and run tank near-dry, to figure out milage (do busa's have reserve tanks?)

The rest is undecided? I want to ride it at night, i enjoy night riding cause i like the light and guages, ya know flashy stuff.

I see im just rambling on and on, so ill shut up. later.
Sounds cool. You felt the R1 was underpowered? I guess you mean lack of torque and needing to be up in the revs?

Also, the busa might be heavy, but it can handle, don't mistake the weight. It might not be 'flickable' and might get beat on a tight track by someone who knows where they are doing on a super sport, but this thing can keep its feet through some fast corners, and once you've got it leaned over, to me, it feels light as a feather in your hands.

Enjoy the new bike when ya get it!
Yeah jmasin exactly-had to work those revs and decent torque for it's size but ,so small and light ,high speed was limited by stability issues and wheelbase only was an advantage when in curves-most roads down here staight...longer wheelbase ,stronger motor, more weight ,PLANTED handling and a top speed I can actually sample without spending $500 on a steering what appeals to me...about H A Y A B U S A......Wait one more time.....H A Y A B U S A........
( I am a safe rider-so no worries please-I've got A LOT of miles under my belt)And soon I shall reap my rewards for having honed and developt my skills for the last ten years -all in anticipation for manufacturers to come up with a machine like this ........I don't care how many false neuatrals I hit OR how much she vibes at 4500rpms THIS MOTOR AND CHASSIS IS A WET DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!And then the name H A Y A B U S A.

hey Atilla, you've got BUSA-fever... we all have it. i rode this weekend in the twisties with 2 GSXR 600's and a 750, they thought they were going to leave me in the turns... i was in their mirror the whole way. they were quite impressed when we stopped. (i'm 5'5 130 lbs.) eventhough it's a heavy bike, it's so smooth you can still dip with the light bikes. you just have to get the feel of what it'll do. i don't have to tell you who was in who's mirror when we got to the straightaways... heh heh heh
now they're talking about getting bigger bikes!!

the BUSA is poetry in motion.... welcome to the club!!


p.s. shame on you for the test ride :whip:

The Busa's fuel reserve is .8gal. The Busa handles very well its a tad long, for stability.I ride with BMW's alot and they always tell me I did'nt know the Busa could do that. I'm always riding twisties with the Busa.Sure a R1 or Gixxer could flick faster with that shorter wheel base but like Lo says you'll be right on thier Ass.Check the article in Motorcyclist this month.A GT comparison and remember Busa Pilots shinny side up.