My first ever ambulance ride.


So I was heading to bed Saturday night, I swung my leg over onto my mattress and before I could even lift my left leg up, my back completely locks up. After about an hour I hobble over, take a warm bath, hobble back to bed and hope that it will have loosed up a little by morning.

Ho-hell, I woke up completely unable to move, back spasming, sweating like mad, about to vomit from the pain. Well, I'm in Japan now, I have none of my muscle relaxers, pain medication, anything, I decide the only way I will even be able to get up to go to the bathroom is if I go to the hospital. I call a friend over, we slowly tried to get me up to get me to the car. After a few minutes we sat me up and I was so locked and in so much pain I couldn't even lay back down.

Eventually just called an ambulance, took me to the hospital, took x-rays, gave me the weakest, crappest drugs, and got me moving just enough to load me into a car and take me back home. I've been getting better, I can now shuffle around after 4 days of laying in a bed. I had an MRI and everything looks good (I think it's just a badly, badly pinched nerve?).

I'm 28 years old and feel like I'm falling apart.
Ouch, I am sorry you have a rough night. What did you do to your back?
You are not alone...if you can get a Velcro weight lifting belt...artificial spine...and some slip on shoes...the muscle relaxers do work...the pain killers are ok but you may think you are ok when really you are not...if you exert the muscle group you may create more trauma to the muscle tissue...take your time to employer will want you back to work fast but you have to live with it
That sucks man, there's nothing worse than messing up your back or core mussels. You cant do anything without activating them. Heal up buddy.
Been there done that, and it ain`t fun.
Hit my head getting in the truck. Almost knocked me out. A few days later I am up early to go to work and walk into the bathroom to wash my face. I bend down to the sink and my legs gave out. Grabbed the sink to help break the fall(bad idea). Drug myself to the bed and had a bad time trying to get back in bed. Relaxers and pain meds helped.

After 3 visits to massage parlors, and 9 months of chiropractor workings things started getting better. Then decided to try yoga. It is the best thing I have done for my back. I threw in some back stretches too. No more chiropractor. Yippy!
I am not going to sugar coat it but after 40 it gets worse only thing that fixes it is the busa wide open throttle for 10 mins seems to get the blood flowing may work for you or not disclaimer I am not a doctor:thumbsup:hope you heal up and don't stay on the pain mess to long nothing but trouble from those
Good news! After 4 days of laying in bed, I have graduated from crawling on all fours to hobbling on both feet!


Still hurts like hell to sneeze.

To be completely honest, I have no idea what happened to my back. I got in a car wreck a little less than a year ago and things haven't sat right back there ever since, but I didn't think anything was seriously screwed up (I had doctors check me out).
Sorry to hear of all that pain being heaped on ya. Glad you're making a start on the recovery!

Backs: Amazingly versatile and stupidly fragile, all in the same package. The darn things oughta be made outta adamantium and completely indestructible. This original material spec is just woefully short-sighted!
Hope you get better soon.

I hurt my back years ago at work, and every now and then it starts playing me up.
Back problems are so frustrating!! I hobbled around and fought off "throwing my back out" for over 3 years before I was finally diagnosed with a herniated disc...had surgery to correct that at age would bulge more from time to time, pinching nerves and making it impossible to walk.

Hope you are on the mend and don't have any recurrences!!

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I can't say it enough...get a weight lifting belt...I'm 37 and for a few weeks I'll hobble around with a blown out knee and a back issues....degenerative discs and muscle tears...the pills are not the and recover if you hard and beat up your body or when the time comes pay the piper for getting old...
I have had 2 back surgeries and I know what you are going through. They got me all fixed up now and it has been 10 years of good back health. Hope you heal up soon.
If the x-rays and MRI are clear go see a good back cracker. You will not regret it.
If the x-rays and MRI are clear go see a good back cracker. You will not regret it.

Agreed. I visit mine at least once a month. Twice a week when it is acting up. I think that is a big part of why it has not bothered me in years. If I stiffen up I call and make an appointment. Keep in mind it will take several appointments. Sometime you feel worse before you feel better when they start moving things around.
Just got over a back injury due to weight lifting. Sacrum stuck in position , pinched a nerve at L5 and hips are out of align. I've been looking into inversion tables , apparently they help from recurring problems by decompressing the spinal cord and allowing vertebrae to open .
<---Threw back out at age 20. Born with arthritis and spinal issues. Hang in there buddy, you're not the only one!
The inversion racks are takes a few times to set it up for your body weight...hands down you flop over...put your hand at your waist and you go upright...there are a number of automatic massage tables...think of a boat trailer with all the finds your feet...hips and neck...then there are several different preset massage programs with or without heat...for 2k it is the best thing ever...a pressure point massage may make you recover a bit quicker