Man, I feel worthless


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This is how I spent my Sunday...

1. Woke up at 10:30am, checked messages on blackberry fell back a sleep.
2. woke up at 12:30pm, checked blackberry, surfed web blackberry while still laying in bed.
3. Got up to take a leak
4. layed back down in bed and made a 40 minute phone call
5. got up and ate two peices of left over papa johns pizza
6. Layed on couch
7. Fell back a sleep on couch
8. woke up at 3:30, called my mom and grand parents to see what they were up to.
9. layed on the couch some more
10. 5:30 moved from the couch back to the bed and turned on laptop
11. 6:30 got up went to the bathroom and droped some kids off at the pool
12. got back in bed with the laptop
13. 9:00 moved back to the couch and watched "meteor" which sucked by the way.
14. 11:00 finished off left over pizza and watched the news and played on blackberry
15. 12:00am moved back to bed and start surfing again
16. 12:56am posting this post...

What a day, I am exhausted!:whistle:


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lol yeah. I hear it was a beautiful day out today, perfect riding weather. But I wouldn't know because I never stepped outside. I don't think I even looked out the window.:laugh:


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Sounds like my day kinda, I wake up at noon, frusterated because i slept in so long, (My only day off a week). but notice that it is a VERY NICE day for riding...."Oh thats right", I hear this voice remind me; "You had to play wannabe stuntman all last week like a moron, and now your clutch is all messed up! Way-to-go rookie be-otch... Oh don't worry though, it's cool Jake, you can still look at your polished up baby all day while the wife reminds you how stupid you are ALL DAY"... I was like "pls kill me":banghead:


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great way to end such a wild day.:laugh: j/k man but I would ride my ace off tomorrow for sanity sake...


It's little after 1am. Busaman 5000, July has been like that for me. Work for a school district and I have july off. Haven't been able to ride though. Oil cooler started leaking and just waiting for the new one to show up. :thumbsup:

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