My fellow Busa Brothers we have been wronged!!!

A thread was recently started announcing the attendance of a well liked event! It grabbed our attention and our eager expectations, but alas no photos were posted of this event!:rulez::whistle: Well my Busa brothers... PICTURES YOU SHALL HAVE!!!:lol:

IMG_0605 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0613 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0614 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0622 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0238 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0231 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0226 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0970 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0977 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

IMG_0965 [Desktop Resolution].jpg


Call me Liberace!
damn, chick with the pink hair scares me, in a good way. looks like she'd punch the **** out of you.
Damn! Where are you? All I see around here is a bunch of fat chicks washing Harleys.
There is a good looking girl at Strokers Dallas but I don't think she's appreciated.???


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i would be more than happy to make the girl with the pink hair my next ex-wife :beerchug: what a fun time we would have until then! :laugh: