My day SUCKS

Went for a ride today at 8:30am nice out . About 50 miles into the ride i here a tap! tap! so on so on ! I slow down and the sound slows so i stopped and look at the tires and find not one screw but two screws in my back tire and one in the front:cussing: and don't have $375.00 dew to a layoff in feb to go and get a new set now that sucks don't you think? No ridding for the 4TH for me
i got flat rear 2weeks ago, little piece of plastic (looked like fog light assembly part) just big enough to leak air out, nearby tire shop did tubeless repair but said max 80km/h. well, i doubled that speed no problems. but 2 days ago i changed new tire because of longer trip

good luck for your repair


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I put 3 plug-patches on a rear tire once with no problems............. I'm not saying to do it but telling you what I did once.......... no flame me please! :laugh:


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Plug it and just don't tear down the road with plugs. Just keep an eye on the air and you will be just fine until it's time to replace the tire again.

Keep things in prospective as well, it could be worse... Hang in there!


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i have used a plug/patch like these...i don't do top speed runs with them but they have held up fine for ordinary riding :beerchug:

IMG_0353 (Large).jpg
I've got a Michelin Pilot power 120/70/17 and 180/55/17 with about 70% tread left that you can have for free........... just pay shipping. Hope this helps
Wow, the Michelin offer is sweet!

On the patches, if they do a proper job, just patch it, let it sit for 24 hours, then run it like you stole it. :cheerleader: Patches work great.


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Patch it,don't go by a cheap $5 plug kit from a parts store as a motorcycle tire has nylon not metal cords and it will not hold..


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Just have them patched...keep the speed to a reasonable level and you will be fine.
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