My Busa Got Stolen!


My 2002 Black SE Hayabusa was stolen from right out in front of my apt. last night. I was gone all night because I had a friend in the hospital. I came back at 9am and didnt even look to see if it was there because i was so tired. I just went inside, went to sleep and woke up around 5pm and it was gone, so i dont know if it happened last night or during the day or what. I did not have comprehensive because it would have raised my insurance like $1500 a year and i couldnt afford it which was an extemely stupid move on my part so i am screwed unless the police find it. I'm in Daytona Beach and this coming week is biketoberfest so if any of you happen to be down here and see a black hayabusa, keep me in mind, although im sure there will be a few of them around anyway as it is Biketoberfest. Let me tell you, this sucks soo bad, i just spent so much money on that thing less than a month ago. I don't know what i am gonna do, i hope that it gets found.
that sux dude.. but keep an eye out on ebay.. u would be surprised how stupid some thieves are! might be a month or 2 but keep watching and if u have any identyfying marks on ur plastics that may help id them. if u do see the mon there play it cool and contact the cops.
Man that sucks...I hate that you had the insurance problem...But damn if you couldn't afford to have full coverage you more than likely should not have bought the bike...I hope you paid cash or it's close to being paid off...If not your really screwed...Chances of the bike being recovered, none...Damn that sucks... :sad:
I know it was very dumb of me not to have full coverage, it is definitely a life long lesson learned for me, only being 20 yrs old right now. But the bike was paid in full, which is why this sucks so much, i spent almost 10,000 on that thing, and now its pretty much down the drain. This really sucks.
Sorry to hear this.Hopes of a speedy recovery. :cussing: God i hate thieves little scum suckin.Get a job and work for what you want and they feal as though for some unknown reason they deserve your hard earn what ever.

Mine was stolen the Sunday before Christmas last year. I know how you feel. Should steralize the SOB's when they catch them!
Post pictures, like people do for missing pets, around the apt. complex and the surrounding neighborhood.  Not joking here, but maybe you can get a good lead on suspects for the police.
That does suck bro. I havent bought the appropriate security measures. It sure does make me think for a sec. Wow well I hope you recover it with minimal damage.
Sorry to here it bro... Next time do what I used to do, get a first floor apartment with easy parking lot access to the back sliding glass door and then...Park that bike inside with you...

Real sorry man... That sucks...
Happen to me in 99. They stole the bike, the disc lock, the chain.... It taught me how easy a bike is to steal. Push it over on a trailer and roll off. Slip skate boards under the tires and roll off. Got make sure you roll it inside your apt/house/garage or get a good chain and make sure you lock it to a strong anchor.

Sorry to hear about the theft though... Hate to say it but I'm pretty much for shooting bike thieves on the spot.
you see that's why i recommend installing explosives on your vehicles! that was me i'd be raising hell and calling everyone a thief. make sure that when/if you get it back and you find the thief that you ####-THEM-UP real bad for this poop!!!!! :devil: :devil: :cussing:

suprafly out...........................
Sorry to hear you got robbed! It seems that Bike Week & Biketoberfest has become an open invitation to thieves as well as bikers. Hope you get your bike back.
I really hate that your bike is stolen. Makes you feel violated I guess. Hoping it's recovered, but I imagine they'll try to part it out. We all need to keep watch for any suspicious parts for sale.
I'm an electronics type, I should come up with some type of LoJac for bikes or something.
Good Luck. :sad:
I'm with the Stunnah... Since my first tragic accident with only liability... (I walked away with the car bill... long story) I have adopted the philos. "If you can't afford to protect it, you probably shouldn't own it."

Sorry about the bike man... Have things like that stolen from you is one of the most violating feelings... been there.

sorry to hear this but maybe so others can learn what works and what doesn't, did you have and locks, chains, etc. protecting it?
hope you can recover it!