Motorcycle Show

I have to work that weekend but I do have the friday off. Or I could maybe go before work one day on the weekend.
Didn't know about it. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to check my work schedule to see if I'm off or not. If not I may take a vacation day to go. I'll post something for sure later. Maybe some of us could meet there. I'd love to meet some board members. :D
I hear that BT. I live in Murfreesboro, TN and my wife and I might take a weekend trip to ATL. What all is there to do after the show of course?
Me and my girlfriend will proabably go. Maybe we should make a get together of sorts for board members. I guess it is early to make plans.

Last year 10 of us rode up from Enterprise.  3 hour trip.  The day began with 17 degrees.  I do believe that I am driving the cage up this year.  We stayed at the Sheradon across the street. Very nice.


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if im not off im going to take off will be there fo show peace.