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Fantastic race yesterday. Hayden is really starting to feel the pressure, with Pedrosa and Rossi breathing down his neck. 4 races to go, I wouldn't be surprised if Nicky ended up in 3rd or 4th come the season finale. Capirossi could even catch him. A close finish is what this sport really needed and it looks like we're gonna get it. Roll on Philip island.


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Okay, I am for Vale, just because I still think there aren't any riders who could flat outride him... but Dani- wow! The guy is phenominal! If anyone was going to take it from Vale, I'd like to see it be him.


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Yeah, as much as I would like to see an American take the crown, I think I want Rossi just a tad more.

When Rossi and Capirossi were changing lead at practically every turn, I was yelling, "Go Rossi!". Both my 2 and 4 year old were yelling too. Damn good race.

If Hayden can be a bit more agressive (it seems like he's coasting to me), maybe I'll change my mind. Is he recovering from an injury or something? He doesn't have the same drive that he had just a few races ago...


Last few races should be very interesting. Rossi is a GREAT rider & seems to thrive under pressure. Capirossi has proved why he has been riding MOTOGP this long. Doesn't make many mistakes, and can really handle that booming Ducati around the corners.
What can you say about Dani ?? Bad knees
Wow, couldn't tell from the race yesterday. No doubt he is a up and coming star in the elite class of MOTOGP.

Guess we will see how much heart Nicky has.... needs to go for broke these last few races !!!

Get your popcorn ready !

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I owned a Ducati, so rooting for Cappirossi came naturally. Everyone loves a winner, and nobody rides better than Valentino. But I'm rooting for the Kentucky Kid ... go Nicky! Give the USA that World Championship!



In the words of Rambo. "Nothing is over, Nothing! You just dont turn it off"!

This thing is going down to the wire. Hayden has had a few bad weeks since Laguna, if you can call 4th a bad week. Pedrosa continues to impress and Capirossi is resurgent to say the least! You can't control what Rossi is going to do. He is a force of nature and this year he has had some good luck and some bad luck. No one is going to outrace him. But things are different this year and maybe just maybe being smooth and consistent will win this puppy! Viva La Nicky!
rosie is a force of nature? huh? every time he is under fire he breaks like saltine headed for the soup bowl, he came into the last turn of the last lap at malaysia looking like a chimpanze on a moped, how can people be impressed by a guy that puts other riders in danger?

there is no excuse for what he did and DOES, its not the first time, this year he took shinya out simply trying to get a good start, karma got the best of him by way of a DNF...

dale earnhart had the same mentality as rosie, who cares how you get there as long as you get there, will rosie end up with the same fate?

how can a rider be defined as "good"?

does he bring out the best in other riders, or does he shy them away with his desperation and wrecklessness?

every rider on that track knows rosie, and they know what he is capable in his hour of desperation, its played out many many times, good for pedrosa and haydon to stay away from him, I gaurantee you there game plan was to let rosie and capirossie go and hope they get tangled up in the end... it almost worked, rosie is way too predictable......

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You'll never pass the likes of Hayden, Capirossi, and Pedrosa in a MotoGP race by waiting for them to move over and give you the line. Rossi learns where, and how, a pass will stick, and then he simply executes the maneuver. Doesn't look like a Saltine to me when he storms on through. Go Nicky!


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It's Nickys to lose, and he's doing a good job of losing the Championship now
. He looked real weak this weekend, and letting Dani beat him with ALL his pain and problems does not speak well of his riding (especially with the same bike)