Valentino Rossi Takes 5th World Championship.


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Just another racing update...

Valentino Rossi Takes 5th World Championship.

American AMA Champion Nicky Hayden in his first MotoGp season finished the race in 4th place and is currently 6th in Championship points. Hopefully he can get a podium this year.

If your not watching MotoGP on Speedchannel, you should be, best riders and fastest bikes in the world... Good stuff...
Hey Revils, glad to see Hayden did well again but he did get a podium already....last week. The penalized the guy who finished third(can't remember who it was) due to some rough riding in the final few laps so Nicky got credit for third! Even though he did not get to do the TV interview cause the penalty didn't come till later! Hopefully he will end up in the top five by season's end. With Rossi going elsewhere next year Hayden may be Honda's best hope for the championship next year. Any word on Rossi's final decision??? Does Honda have any other riders lined up yet???
No mention of Rossi's future at Honda, at least nothing official. And while Nicki did get handed a third it doesn't really count as he didn't actually take 3rd, it was just handed to him. His words really, He'll take it, but he really wants to earn his first, fight for it etc...
Does Honda have any other riders lined up yet???
There's lots of talk about Colin Edwards ending up on Honda next year if Rossi jumps to Yamaha as many are saying he will. I hope Rossi does switch, though I doubt he will, because without a handicap he seems to be too strong for the rest of the field.

Any yeah, it is nice to see Hayden coming on strong.
i hate you all!!! :tounge:

i don't have the speedchannel (stupid cablevision), but i'll soon be switching to dish network so that i can see the races. does anyone here have a full video of the isle of mann?:super:

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