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I'm new here but maybe some of you will be interested in my assault upon an `02 Busa... my 12 month old Busa.

It is totally stock at the moment and all parts for this phase of mods are either in my possession or in enroute to me. It will not come off of the lift until these mods are complete.

Zero Gravity Double Bubble in Light Smoke tint
Suzuki Gel Seat
Top Gun Undertail
Carbon Fiber Front Fender
BMC Race Filter
BDE Gen 3 Streetsmart Oval Ti exhaust (with thermally-coated S.S. headpipes)
BDE Billet Clutch Mod and Clutch Cushion Kit
BDE Pair Block Off plates
Dynojet PC3-R Power Commander
16 tooth countershaft sprocket
Lowering straps
Adjustable lowering links
Billet top triple clamp for lowering
Extensive polishing

Ain't this gonna be fun? :tounge:


Tom in Tennessee
that color scheme looks beautiful once the frame is chromed out...
congratulations on the bike & welcome to the site

That one neat much did that cost you...
The lift was about $480 plus your choice of attachments to accommodate various sportbikes, cruisers, etc. It is built in Britain and there is a U.S dealer in Charlotte, NC. Go here for details: Easy Rizer Lift
Nice looking garage, love the lift… That’s a pretty good list of modifications you have, should really trick out the bike. Do you plan on polishing the frame yourself? If you do, word of advice “be patient and take your timeâ€￾. If you need any info on frame polishing give me a shout, I’m not an expert but I learned a few things when I polished my frame.

Good luck, the bikes going to look great when you’re done. Take pictures during the process and keep us informed…

Yes, I'll polish the frame myself--several years of polishing experience on this end but thanks anyway (that's how I make a living). :)
By Lowering straps I take it you are meaning Rear Dogbones? I mean if you get a billit tripple Clamp, you really wouldn't need to strap the front, right?

Rear - Adjustable dogbones.

Front - A top triple clamp that lowers the front about 1" for daily riding PLUS lowering straps (tie-down straps) to cinch the front forks even lower for drag passes.

I figure this arrangement will offer maximum flexibility for 1- daily duty, 2- the twisties, and 3- the drag strip, with only minor adjustments for each scenario.
With the hardware listed, it can be adjusted to stock height (twisties), slightly lowered (street), and fully lowered (drag strip). :cool:
Man you'll love those mods. Consider some LED taillights for that topp gunn undertail from "icemann". They complete that undertail foe sho! Take some pics as you go.

Thanks for your comments gents! :)

I will take abundant pictures and post progress periodically.