Mods done for the year!! (probably not, but oh well!!)


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Hey guys,

First I'd like to give a big shout out to Goldenchild. He hooked me up big time with all the parts, as well as all of the support I needed for installation and recommended parts for my application.

So here goes:

ECU-derestricted, launch control set at 4400rpm (way more room to increase it)
Power Commander V- basic K8 map loaded
Cycle-Tek CO2 Shifter- Controlling with the ECU
Macintosh Chromoly arm adjustable 8-12"-currently sittiing 9". Powdercoated green (looks awesome in person!!!)
+2 Sprocket in the rear
Catalyst Racing +8" tail- to be painted still.
Tiger Tail inner fender
Catalyst Racing Drag Seat
Lowered 2" in front and back for normal riding
Strap for the front when at the track.

When I had a stock wheel base, and it was just lowered and running the CO2 shifter, I hit 9.85 in the 1/4. However, there is alot more as I didn't spin or lift the front end at all, so I think the launch control could be increased to find the sweet spot and reduce my ET.

However, with this new setup, it is going to be a different animal, and I have a track event coming up on Saturday and Sunday, so we will see how she does. I know you all love pics, so here's one pic..Note the exhaust is not on yet, just wanted to get a better pic of everything. And yes the tail will be painted the same color as the rest of the