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Any other system administrators out there?  Do you guys or gals work some of the most godawful hours as well?  
I just had a 60 hour week last week, had to work last Friday from 9:00am to 12:30am Saturday morning, then get up at 7:00am, work till 9:30am.  
Sunday, had to work from 5:00pm till 3:30am the next morning.
Then had to work Monday from 9:00am to 8:30pm.  
Tuesday from 9:00am to 6:00am the next morning.  

I've got to work Friday, Saturday, then Monday thru Thursday the same kind of 24 hour shifts if necessary to get the work done.

I haven't posted much in the last couple of days, now you know why.
Use to think I wanted a IS job. Nope, been doing maintenance work for about 30 years - I like it cause I move around, no eyes following me, lots of different work, no dressing up and I get paid by the hour. The best thing is I can sit in the boiler room and surf the net...
Not an IS...but I can work some ridiculous hours as well....most days are 14-15 hour days. Gosh I love the Army.
have no clue what mis stands for but i do work my share of hours.
8:30am to 9 or so pm monday thru friday
8:30 am to 7 or so pm on saturdays.

thanks God for Sundays and Hayabusa's.

I was lucky enough to push my way into Sys Admin job for a large Dealership's Internet Department. After 2 years of high accolades(even featured in the Wall Street Journal), national awards, etc, Toyota took us to start a new Internet call center for them in Portland. That was fun, but alot of work.
Now, I am back at the Dealership overseeing 5 networks as Sys admin, Fleet Manager, Internet Manager, New Vehicle Inventory Manager, etc... wear about 8 hats, but I call the shots.
8:30am to 6:00pm 5 days a week.  
here we go... first pic of me on this board... (or anywhere on the Internet for that matter)..

Hard at it



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Cache, it must be nice to have a 8 to 5 and not be on-call. I've been on-call since about 1989. I hope someday to get off this pager. What kills me is the days you have to end up working 24 to 30 hours straight, with no warning. Or even worse, you get a phonecall at 12:30am that wakes you up, and you end up working on some hardware problem till 7:00 or 8:00am in the morning while everyone else is sleeping.

"MIS", stands for management information systems. Fancy name for saying we work on computers.
busaben, I know what you do and what it means. No-respect for the ppl that keep IS and IT running. Endless, thankless job.
My dad was an engineer for Bel Labs in the 70's, then moved to Colorado and was an engineer for National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder... needless to say, an important guy that makes good money, but gets looked down upon. So, I made my own twist.
My environment = without me, your fuxored. Period. It's not job security, but it is this:
1) easiest way to keep things running
2) cheapest short-term solutions
3) want multitasking? Okay, nobody within a 150 mile radius can do what I can

I did not work the system, I just gave them the answers they wanted. "Can I do this?" cache="Yes"
I learned in the Army, if you cannot adopt to your environment and make things work, then you are expendable.
Not I says me.

Just my $0.02
Time for a beer. Love ya!!!!!!!!!!


not fair Kerb... you still haven't told me/us what you do IT-related... was a few weeks ago, now you work for a speed shop... what gives in the tech biz for you?
Guess it's all about paying the price. You want $$$, got to work for it. Now my schedule is 7:00 AM till NOON/ M-F. The problem is $$$$ but I'll take the free time for now.
well...after putting in monster hours early in my IT career, I'm happy to say that I work 8:30 -3:00 Mon - Thursday and 8:30 to noon on Fridays....hehehheheheh
I've already paid the price. I've been in this business since '83. Problem is, when stock market went to garbage, so did the IS market in Atlanta. I contracted for three years, and made some really good money.

When the market died, contracting business did too. Now, I have to take a job as an employee. Employer knows it too, they're definitely a sweat shop. However, if market ever turns around, I'm out of here.
Getting hard to find good maintenance people these days, cause all the younger folk are into computers. Now being a good maintenance man you got to know how to fix and maintain about anything and everything.

Being into computers since the late 80's I was interested in the MIS field and have the knack for it, but can't stand sitting behind a desk all day.

I know maintenance is considered "janitor" and that’s fine with me, cause I am only interested in what works for me. I have no work stress.
Well I'm not in MIS nor am I MIA but I do put in alot of hours associated with the holiday season...So I feel your pain...Like Hank more hours more $$$$...

And believe me, I'm cool with that...:40: