mileage - how much do you ride every month

  • 0-200 miles

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  • 200-400 miles

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  • 400-800 miles

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  • 800-1200 miles

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  • 1200-1600 miles

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  • over 1600 miles

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that's tough to say... last year Before i got the busa... i put in just ove 10k on my nighthawk with in 3 month period. now that i have the Busa. i am lucky to get 200 miles due to the rain and windy weather. pissed.gif
God only knows. 15000 in a year minus bad months minus winter months plus winter in Florida. I guess it is a lot. biggrin.gif
Depending on the weather I will put about 2000 a month. 100 miles a day back and forth to work
man........ you guys live a long way from work!!!

I ride 20 miles a day to work... and about 200 miles on the weekend for fun!!!!!
I don't ride my bike to work, it is strictly for pleasure...about 1000 mile/wk average.
I road 2700 last week though. (includes Vegas trip)
I ride 2 miles to work and other 2 going back. I only ride when it is not raining

(March and April are not good months. May to October are excelent. November is too cold and the rest is to forget).

My Duc' has only one year and it has 5000 miles...
I'm with N.E. winter here in Colorado is almost nonexistant to ride in. Although last winter I got the itch so bad, I went out in 20 degree weather (Although it WAS sunny). Just put on some ski gear and took off. Was still cold as a witches @$$ though!!:eek:
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