MidWest MNG attendees...


I just wanted to say RIDE SAFE!!!! Me and Blackdiamondbusa are leaving from Lansing Michigan around 9am tomorrow so hope to see some people on the way in when cruising through chicago or something. So far have changed my brake rotors, checked tire pressure, packed just about everything and am trying to make sure i didnt forget anything.. oh and trying to find my rain gear haha.
Ride safe and call me if anything comes up.
See you guys when you get here
Busawhipped is leaving around 0800 and i'll meet him on I-55 once he turns north, we should be in late afternoon sometime...be safe and we'll see ya there :beerchug: guess i had better get to packing :laugh:

wish the rest of you could come join in the good times too!
I don't want any more to come now. Sorry but the pig is only so big and can't get a bigger one.:banghead:

Would hate to have someone go hungry.

But for real, if someone wants to come and decides at the last minute please PM me so I can give you directions. Even if you are riding a ZX-14 or a ninja 250. If you can come please do. We will make sure you have a place to sleep and chow to eat. We like people.
Ride safe! I'll be heading up there either today after work so I'll be fresh for tomorrow! Lol, can't wait to meet everyone.
man this sucks. i really wanted to ride up there. things just didnt work out this year, plus i have to work. enjoy and ride safe....dont forget lots of pics. the ninja cam better be working double time!