Mercedes vs 'Busa

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Just got in coming home from work, 3am, had a little fun with a Mercedes.  This guy must have been waiting for me because he was only doing 70 in the fast lane and his girl was looking for me when I came up next to him.  I'm thinking a Mercedes?, you're kidding!  So I wasn't ready for him.  He stepped on it a little and I dropped from 6th to 4th and off we went.  I didn't do as well as I wanted either, bad shifts, tucked too late,(at 120) backpack didn't help either.  I got him but it was sloppy, and not by much  Whipped past my offramp at 140 and started to come up on a car in my lane.  I've seen too many cars change in front of me at the last second so I slowed and let the Benz pass me, then passed the slow car on the left.  We both got off at the next offramp and he pulled up next to me, then I saw it was a V8 Kompressor.  I said Man that thing is fast! and he smiled and then I heard the engine, didn't sound stock.  We waved and went out separate ways.  
I haven't seen a V8 Kompressor til now.  What's up with this car? Anybody have any details?
I have no idea...But even a sloppy victory is a victory...
Thats a pretty badazz car. Supercharged V8 400-500 pony's They also make a 4 & 6 cly. Kompress

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let me ask you about your grip when you were racing this car. To get the maximum amount of power on the highway, I'll roll the throttle once I get on the highway, then I'll hold the throttle with my right thumb and "re-grip it", to make sure I can get 100% full throttle. On the highway you should have walked that damn car all day long. I know sometimes I get worried going down 3 gears and wacking it, because that front end comes up a little, but thats how you gotta do it.

Yea these cars are slowly catching up, but still a long ways away. Some of those cars that are geared for top end will make things fun on the highway, like corvettes and vipers, but will some agressive riding and some practice they get past ya

Mikey, I was a little too casual in my approach. A little too cocky maybe. I didn't have the right throttle grip, and didn't tuck until 120. All I can say is, "Next time".
this brings to mind an old chinese proverb you may have heard, "Man with hand in pocket, feel cocky all day."

Seriously though the cockiness almost got me once against a Corvette
if it was a new E series, its 500hp with 500 ft lbs of torque. low 12's out of the box....not too bad for a car that weighs 5000 pounds and seats 5 people....

About $78,