Memorial day


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Hello everybody, I know its been a while sense I posted up and most of you have forgoten who I am but low and behold here I am. I always have a way of poping up in the strangest of places.

I just figured sense its the holiday weekend I would jump on board and see what everybody was up too, and who all was throwing a party ( trying to see if anybody close is partying this weekend so I can stop by and get free food and beer) never hurts to try.

I know my folks are having a cook out but you know how it is, the folks always try to get you to get off that damn motorcycle and spend more time with them yada yada yada. Dont get me wrong, I do need to spend more time around the folks but hay, I enjoy riding way too much, this much fun should be against the law.

So let me know what everybody is doin and Ill se If I can make it and eat all your food and drink all your beer!! (just kidding)

Myrtle beach and Bike Week (the sportsbike one, not the Harley one). Fun, sun, bikes, and 150,000 screaming women in bikinis .....