I hate computers, need help please

James read the parts in red...


Just don't forget when it says, "you may need to restart your pc" it's not always just a suggestion. I don't have much experience with printer and maybe capt can let you know if there are seperate 64/32bit drivers for printers...
A LOT of printers/scanners etc., especially ones that are a few years old, have drivers made for XP but chose not to update them for WIN7 (to get you to buy a new one, of course). My dependable HP Scanner was a victim to WIN7 upgrade (no driver for it).
Well I have followed all directions so far, and I have the print working, just not the scanner software. Cap, I am sorry I have not had the time to sit down for you to remote in.
James, go to the scanner mfg's website and see if there is an update or if they say if it's WIN7 Compatable or not.
All better now, I got it working! I like fixing things so I can figure things out. I removed and installed this printer 3 times this week. I removed the printer one more time before I called Cap and downloaded the drivers from the Dell website. It works! Oh happy day! Thanks guys! :cheerleader: