March 2010 Texas Mile


I went to the March 2010 Texas Mile event in Goliad, Tx. This was my first LSR event and my first race event. I've never set foot on any track as a participant. Let me tell you It was a blast and if you have a need for speed this is the place to let loose. I will warn you though, the bug bites hard as JC says. I can't wait to get back out in October hopefully. I can't even begin to describe how much fun and how much of an adrenaline rush it is to actually run down the track and make the bike do what it was meant to do. I went with a goal of getting 190+ mph and ended up accomplishing that on my 2nd day with my first pass on Saturday morning. Friday got me into the upper 180 range and on Saturday I went 191.2 mph on my first pass. This was on 91 octane pumpgas, stock motor, some airbox mods, Brock's alien head and a custom tuned map on my Bazzaz from Johnny Cheese.

Well, after getting to my goal, I of course had to make a new goal... the 200 mph mark. Fortunately an .org member Josh (Got Busa?) was at the track at the time to help me work towards that. I have basically put my bike together based on his mods knowing he had hit 200 on a stock bike previously. As soon as I made the 191.2 pass I headed over to Josh's trailer and he helped me load a fuel map in my Bazzaz for MR9 race fuel. He was also nice enough to keep pouring MR9 in my tank the rest of the weekend...what a guy! :bowdown: (Next time I'll bring the race fuel, maybe MR12 this time :thumbsup:) My top speed for Saturday was 197.3 mph on MR9. I was hoping to get out first thing Sunday morning with cool air and little wind and hit 200. I got up early and rolled my bike down to the grid and set up to be first bike to make a pass that morning. This first pass it turns out was THE one shot I had at making my goal and i fumbled it. I shifted good all weekend until this one pass and I missed a shift hanging neutral. I kept hitting it hard and even missing the shift still ran a 196.9. That was it, that was the pass. After that the wind picked up pretty good and it was basically a fairly strong crosswind the rest of the day. I shut it down at the 3/4 mile mark 2 or 3 times that day since it felt like the bike was literally about to blow out from underneath me, pretty uncomfortable at 170-180 mph. I finished out the day with my last pass being a 194.6 mph pass.

Overall I was extremely happy with the weekend. I hit my goal, got so close to my second goal and can't wait to get back ASAP. Thank you Josh for all your help over the last year and half and during the weekend and much thanks to Johnny Cheese for making the bike run like a swiss watch. :beerchug:

I've attached a couple of pictures, one of myself and one with me talking with Josh and JC standing in the background. Here is a couple of links to two youtube videos i posted up. One is a dashcam of 194.6 mph pass and the other is a vid of my 197.3 mph pass from pit-road.

Enjoy... :thumbsup:

- 2010 Texas Mile - 194.6 mph pass on Suzuki Hayabusa[/url]

- 2010 Texas Mile - 197.3 mph pass[/url]


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Congratulations on hitting your 1st goal and almost your 2nd! I am planning on making it to next years as I already have a trip planned during the october mile.
congrats! The whole LSR "thing" can really become addicting. Not just the racing but the preperation and esp. all of the great people. :thumbsup:
Very nice , congrats.

That guys standing behind you in the second pic, you know him? The one with the silver 09? I have been corresponding with him through email about his Brocks CT full system. He has a video on youtube and that thing sounds GREAT.
Give a shout out when you start to head out in October. A few others and myself plan on making it down there.
Did you get to watch the run that set the new world record?

I just heard about it, Don't know when I missed it, I watched some 250+ runs but missed the record run. Watched a Lamborghini spin out and a Lancer Evo (i think) come down pit road after it had caught fire and burned up at the end of the track. I think that was the only two incidences all weekend