The NASA Texas Mile


Here we are.
The SLEEPERBUSA and JohnnyCheese.
Representin the 1st Texas Mile race.

I blew a head gasket Wednesday evening, dishing out 3 ass beatings to a local BUSA Bro.
The motor is hurt, but I had already made a commitment to go, so I did!
I only made 2 attempts at my 200mph goal.
On the second, the bike was surging real bad. It would take off and then lay down. Take off, and then, lay down.
I thought it best to, NOT push my luck.
The second pass was a 192.62 mph run, On a standing start, 1 mile run.
I was upset that I didn't obtain my goal, but, NOT a bad pass, for a blown head gasket!

Then there was the Cheeseman.
At 325 HP and a street tire, on a questionable surface, I might add.
Cheese had traction problems and the cross winds made him talk to the 1 above, at 1 point!!!
While Cheese was changing his drawers, Super Dave jumped on the COPPERTOP and layed down a whoppin 210.10 MPH pass!!!!
:bowdown: :bowdown:
YUP, ol Dave took TOP HONERS today with that SMOOOOOTH as SILK pass.

ME and CHEESE, Representin!

Here's My Good Buddy, Paul.
On a JohnnyCheese built bike.
The fastest , NORMALLY ASPIRATED bike there.
He went 202.63 MPH,


Congratulations guys. Just one question, Why did Cheese tape over his intakes?
Now THAT looks like fun! Man sometimes I wish I were stationed back in the states...
Sleeper and Cheese the "STUNNAH" already gave you props somewhere else...Sleeper that enclosed trailer looks tight...That's doing it "SLEEPER STYLE"... :D
Cool stuff gentlemen. I'm REALLY envious that you guys get the chance to do the fast thing. no chance around where I live. Im considereing a trip next year however to give it a whirl.