Made some changes over the summer...


I'm getting around to posting some pics of some mods I made on my 2011 this summer.

I can't thank the org members enough for taking their time and posting up some awesome tutorials. Even with the manual in hand, the tutorials provided a great reference.

Mods were:
+ Full Yosh R-77 carbon system
+ Custom powder coating wheels, front & rear sets, fork tubes, gas tank mount, hubs, rotors, calipers
+ HID lighting
+ Rear smoke integrated taillight & marker lens set - front markers still backordered :(
+ Galfer SS brake lines w/ EBC pads
+ Instrument panel mod w/ all red LED's
+ Custom kanji & rear logo

Lemme know what you think!

Before pic with a couple of after pics.

2013 before.jpg

2013 after 1.jpg

2013 after 2.jpg

2013 after 3.jpg
Thanks for the comments guys! Was a little scary doing the red, wanted accents but not too much.
Now I've gotta figure out what I'm gonna do with it all winter :whistle:
Custom red and black seat set, Red Pazzo levers, PCV or ECU flash, BMC race filter the list can go on and on my friend.......:whistle:
Def needs the flash, riding a little rough since the exhaust change. I'm thinking Turbo would be the perfect next mod, not sure I can pull that off myself tho ???