Made an offer on a 2003 Busa yesterday


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So my husband and I ride 2 hours to look at a limited edition 2002 black busa that the salesman called us only took a second to see that I didn't like some of the mods to the bike and that the silver/grey bird is calling me...

We make what we feel is a fair offer for the silver bike, and ask that we get bolt on aftermarket exhaust put on (figured he can get it cheaper than we can)...he leaves us to sit on the bike, comes back a few minutes later and tells me that they'd have to remap the exhaust for the bolt-ons, so it'll be pretty expensive.  Bottom line is that he won't match our price, even though tons of bikes are going for much less in other states (hell, even on E-Bay!).  He said he'd talk to us more when we're ready to buy, but no exhaust mods for the price we were offering...

In a recent thread about exhaust, didn't you guys say that bolt-ons were quick and easy (about 10 minutes to install) and that no special work needed to be done unless swapping out the entire exhaust?

I just said that I'd heard differently, and the salesman seemed kind of annoyed that I challenged his service guys...

No big deal; we've got another dealer that we've been talking to, so I'll probably get it from him instead of this other guy...

Curious about the bolt-on exhaust though...I want aftermarket exhaust, but I don't want it to be a huge project...what's the final verdict on bolt-ons?  Easy as a few screws, or a big deal?  Was this guy yanking my chain?  Feels like he was...I don't mind if the dealership doesn't want to do that mod, but I don't like being lied to...if he was...

The guys a nut, I got my bolt on's Yoshi RS3 installed in front of me...On the showroom floor cause the shop was way too busy...(I got my bike in the begining of the summer so a lot of bike were getting prepped) It took the mechanic approx 7 min per side & he was super carefull, I used them well and trust me no mapping was required....I think you should pay what you want for the bike from another dealer then go to this fools shop and do an all out burnout outside his store, make sure he sees you, wave to him and leave.....riding at a mile an hour so he has enough time to absorb the pain of a lost sale......I am not normally this mean.......heheheheheh
Thanks danny...I think he just didn't want to take our offer, and that's fine, but don't fuggin' make poop up.  I'm not stupid (well, that's sometimes questionable)..

I had my husband there, so I can't say it's because I'm a female that he said all that...he was the typical salesman though.  Me and salesmen don't do so well because I have an attitude problem with kiss-asses (no offense to anyone please...just me venting)  He did the usual handshake, thanked us for asking for him, said that was worth money if we buy, blah blah blah...

I've been researching this bike for 9 months now, and I'm asking Busa owners for info, etc, so I'm not completely stupid and I'd like to think I know some of what I'm talking about (thanks to all the helpful guys/gals around here)...when he said that the exhaust would have to be remapped for bolt-ons, my horns came out and I was ready to leave...he pulled his "well, I believe my service guys" line and said he couldn't do it...

He'll know when I do get my bike that he lost the sale because he didn't know what he was talking about...unless someone knows something we don't about bolt-ons?!  

I am much like you, I get really excited and stuff (who wouldnt when you are trying to get a Busa)....I had this sales dude quote me almost $1000 more for my Black LE when I got it.....Needless to say I didnt get it from him...specially after he pulled the "Come back when you are ready and we'll talk" crap with me...I mean why cant these fools be honest and give me a price...why try and screw with a customers brain.....
anyway I did mail him a copy of the bill highlighting in bright yellow and circling in red the method of payment (Cash) and the amount paid from the place I got the bike, oh yeah I also attached my picture so he would remember who I was.....

Nice jab danny! That's what you need to do sometimes just to make yourself feel better...this is a cash payment as well, so I guess he just didn't need the cash?! His loss...I'd rather not deal with someone like that anyway...almost feel dirty after the deal's done...

Oh, and get this...this salesman said that he could probably get close to our initial offer (minus the exhaust), but that we needed to know that bikes aren't marked up like cars! Huh? Everything for sale is marked up, unless this guy's building these bikes out back?! I just grabbed my kids and headed out the door...pissed, but laughing all at once because he thinks he pulled one over on us...
My local dealers OTD price for the 40th Busa was $2000 over MSRP, telling me I wouldn't get a better price. Of course after riding my new Busa to show them I got a better deal, the sales guy acts as if we never were in negotiations for a Busa. Scumbag. It's been a almost a month, and that Orange Busa is still sitting on the floor.

Keep looking, and good luck.
Although remapping isn't needed with bolt-ons, I am told that it WILL improve the way the bike runs. I totally trust the shop that told me this. They do all the performance work in this area, and are excellent. However, I think they charged me like $25 for remapping.

The internet is so powerfull now. You should tell people what your deal is. Chances are, someone will know of a place where you can do better. In the last couple of years, there was a super price war in Chicago. Busa prices were dirt cheap. People were buying them, and having them delivered for less than they could buy down the street.

Good luck!
Hey VA.....try Bell's Suzuki in Lexington, doesn't hurt to talk....I feel like they gave me a great deal....ask for Julian.....

By the way.....I have an '03 silver/gray and installed Two Bros. cans and no re-mapping was needed. Runs and sounds great.
Thanks for the info guys...
Greg - my husband was in Sturgis just last week talking to a guy on a Busa...he was told to look in Chicago as well, and the dealer we talked to yesterday admitted he can't touch Chicago's prices at the moment...

As for remapping after bolt-ons, if it's true, then that's annoyance was from him saying it was expensive, he couldn't do it...just seemed like his way of blowing me off...

We're not against travelling to get a good deal...worried about breaking the bike in like that, but we'd manage...

I don't mind sharing what we offered...we've already agreed to a price of $10,900 for a 2003 out the door, no additional mods...yesterday we thought we'd try $10,400 out the door with the exhaust mod...figured it was worth a shot since the new ones are on their way soon...original asking price on the $10,900 deal was $12,500 (I think), so we got that one down some...I didn't even ask the salesman yesterday was his asking price was. I have seen 2003's for 9k, heard it from some of you guys as, I know there are deals out there...

Techbum - isn't that the place that's out of 2003's right now? I think some other guys from the board called and they were all sold out of 2003's...I could be wrong...I think I'll call...
I am from Chicago and still have a lot of friends there. If you want I can find out who is giving good prices. The beauty is that you don't have to travel. You already know what they look like. Just have them deliver it to another shop or something (I am not exactly sure how this works).

Try calling Champion Suzuki in Chicago. I know they were one of the shops giving good prices.

If nothing else, you will find out what is possible.
I'll add it to my list of calls, Greg...if you have contacts, I certainly wouldn't mind knowing what's a good deal up there (don't go out of your way though)...yeah, I don't need to see the bike, but I don't want to spend a fortune shipping it either...also don't want to have to pay another shop to set it up...I'd really like an all-in-one deal if I can find a good one...set up fees and bike out the door at said cost...nothing hidden is good!

Looks like I'm going to have to sign off this damn board (addict here) and do some research! Or work...hrmmm...decisions, decisions...
I paid $9523 OTD
Call Justin Donahue...He's in Mass, Cycles 128
800 464 CYCLE.
I thought he was honest, Quoted me a price stuck to it.
Tell him you heard he gave me a deal on a Black Busa.
See what he says.
If you are willing to come down to NC i might be able to point you in the direction..... PM me your price range and i'll make some calls and get back with you. are doing all the right things. But soon you must deal. The riding season is aging (at least in Chicago). Mount this pony and ride!!

Talk to Mitch at Schaumburg Honda and Suzuki. He may be able to bring you in at under 10,000k or you go back to the orginal ass you were speaking with. Bring your check book and tell him you will buy a bike NOW if the price is right and you will buy gear and accessories from him. This usually works (with cars it did....they will deal if they know you are not a tire kicker) If he doesnt move in price with this tactic, bitch slap this guy back to the nearest cave from which he emerged
and deal with his boss or buy it elsewhere. But buy it soon.
Your Busa is calling you. Remember (and I am an investment planner who works with the largest pension funds in the world), you will not miss the lousy $50 or $100 dollars savings over the long run. So if you get near your range, remember time is money, frustration is money......

be well
And as one poster already mentioned...champion in Chicago is a huge dealer and is very aggressive in pricing.

If you get to Chicago, give me a ring, if I'm in town, I will go with you (although I did not buy my bike from them) or we could just hook up briefly for a Busa Break-in Brunch
And as one poster already mentioned...champion in Chicago is a huge dealer and is very aggressive in pricing.

If you get to Chicago, give me a ring, if I'm in town, I will go with you (although I did not buy my bike from them) or we could just hook up briefly for a Busa Break-in Brunch
I got my Silver/Grey '03 OTD here in Charlottesville with 2 helmets for 10k and I got change back.  Since then the salesman has claimed that I got the same deal he gave his nieghbor and that the shop's owner gave him a hard time for selling to me that cheap, etc.  Since this fluff is all post sale maybe there's some truth to it.  Still, I have a feeling that if you brought them a check for 10k you'd be leaving with a new busa.  The dealer is Jarman's sportcycles.  434-293-4406 or let me know if you want me to call them.  They wouldn't be able to play any games with me and maybe I could nail down a price for you.
Thanks for all the offers guys...I'm going to call around tonight (from home since work will already be pissed I've spent so much time online today!)...I've written down all the dealers/numbers you guys have posted, and I'm going to see what I can swing...

Hadn't thought about getting some gear...I just bought a new helmet and coat...I really want to wear my nice Harley coat on the Suzuki, just to stir poop, but maybe I need a Suzuki coat too? Some nice gloves...hrmmm...I can see all kinds of things now $$$$$

Babuski - if we end up in your neck of the woods, I'd certainly let you know ahead of time...sounds good...