Recommendations for Bolt-on Exhaust


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Hello everyone. I am in the market for a new aftermarket bolt-on exhaust for my 04 Busa. Currently, I am looking at the Yosh RS-3 Oval Race Carbon Sleeve. I have seen some owners in the forum that have D&D bolt-on exhausts. I would like to get some feedback before making a purchase.

I am not to particular about how loud the pipes are. I want my Busa to breathe a little better. Increase in hp doesn't hurt either.

If you don'twant the for sond, save your oney and buy a complete exhaust system. You will not have much gain from bolt ons, maybe 1-2hp, or 2-3 if you do a free flowing arfilter.
Save your money like NE said and buy a full system...  

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I am a slip-on fan myself (because of the dual exhaust look), but if sound is not really an issue for you I would have to agree with others that a full system is the way to go. You may want to look at the BDE Gen 3 from Tom (WarBaby) at <a href="htt://">Veltune<a>. They have a CF sleeve or you can get them highly polished.
I dig my Akropovic Bolt on's a whole lot, no real power, but a real deepness to the exhaust note and not too loud... I have had several folks tell me how much they loved the sound of em' compared to the other sportbikes they have heard. Just a thought...

Microns are cool as well...
Bolt ons cost as much as a full system but offer no improvement in performance. Buy a full system - if your on a Budget - check with Johnnycheese and buy a Muzzys system - if you can spend a bit more buy a BDE GenIII from Tom at Veltune - if your loaded by a ful Ti Akrapovic system.

Hopefully you think I am to ignorant with my response, however, I have heard that replacing the entire exhaust may make the bike really loud. Also, you will have to have the bike re-jetted. This may mess-up the factory settings for the power bands, etc. This is what I was told. What is your opinion.
Have Micron slips on my 03, had yosh RS3's on my 01....both sound great. No reprogramming needed. Single can exhaust can be as loud or louder, and you will need to reprogram.