M/T Shoot out tires


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What kinda of tire pressure do you run in the M/T MR shoot out tire 1) to drive it to the track and 2) to run it in the 1/4?

Looking for some guidance...

1) dont drive it to the track,

2) if it is a good track... start with 25lbs. If you lose traction, drop it a few lbs each run till it grabs.

3) if it is a poorly prepped track, start with 18lbs.

If it is your Hayaboosta, start low... 14lbs and go up from there
if your normal streetbike, high pressure is okay.

Don't burnout more than 2 seconds after you see white smoke. If you do, it will get greasy and have no traction at launch.

the MCR2 is a great traction tire for a stock-ish bike. On hot days I got best results at 24lbs, no burnout. Launched at 7k rpms, and it hooked all the way.

but doc, I spent $200 for my MCR2. it was waaaaay out of round. didnt last long either.
- last week I went to a race shop, for $60 I got a Pirelli race tire take-off mounted and balanced.
TONS of tread in the center of the tire! Last night ran at the poorest track in the N.W. and had ZERO traction issues. Ran my 2nd best ET ever! Call your local race shop and see if they have some take-offs cheap. You will be surprised....................