Lost memeber finally found his way home...


Its been a few years, so many of you prolly don't know me...and those that did prolly forgot! lol Some may remember me attempting to ride a stk wheelbase Busa down the 1/4mi w/o falling off? Don't get to the track much at all these days. Don't know if would be able to hold on now...

I was pretty active on the Busa boards from 2000 on up to prolly 2005 or so. Owned a Red/Gray 00 Busa and then a 04 LE. Got rid of the last bike to buy a house. Played around with some old skool bikes for a few years but everything i messed with ended up being at the track more than the street. Tried to update the bikes with some newer tech but everything always fell short of the Busa to me.
A couple of years ago my lil 8 year old daughter(at the time) had some health issues and that focused my attention on her and my family and away from bikes and such. After a year plus of ups and downs my lil girl quite having issues and has been doing great for the past year or so.(PHEW!)
I enjoyed spending more time with my family and decided i did'nt wanna mess with working on my junk all the time. Sold it all and just bought another Busa....WHOOHOOO!!!
Its a 03. Has a few miles on it(26K) and some "bling"(i'm not much for chrome). It does have a Brock Street meg exhaust, PCIIIR, small air box mod, pair valve blocked off, aftermarket under tail(think its Hotbodies), lowering links, billet lowering upper tripple, speedo healer, braided ss brake and clutch lines and prolly a few other bits. Nothing special. Needed the valves adjusted when i got it and now that i've done that, it runs much better.
I'm not the "bling" type, so i'm gonna get rid of a few things(undertail, billet lowering triple) and replace with the stock stuff.

Anyway, i just wanted to say "HEY" and thank you all for keeping the site going! AND allowing long lost members a place to return to! :thumbsup:






BTW, those pics are of the bike the day i bought it(two weeks ago today). I've removed the stickers on the back and got rid of the skull shield and itty-bitty chrome mirrors in favor of stock pieces.


Welcome back! It seems you had a challenging period of your life. Hopefully, it will get easier.


Yeah, its been tough for a bit. My lil girl(she is very petite) is prolly the toughest kid i know. Ended up having a deformed gall-bladder(was working but just barely). The worst part was that it took 6mo's of tests/poking/proding and major pain for them to figure it out! Then she had a bad reaction to the antibiotics post surgery. Had another WAAAY out in left field issue 8 months later and she got Mono at the same time! I'm still amazed at how she kept her amazingly happy attitude throughout the whole ordeal. She is doing great now!


Formerly known as viperblackbusa.
welcome back to the site man....good to have ya...nice scooter.


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Glad you found your way back home but I know you're even happier that your girl is doing well. I pray that things continue to go well for her! Welcome back to the Busa world! :beerchug:
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Welcome back man, I am glad to hear your daughter is recouping and yes it is always amazing how they still smile throughout the whole thing sometimes. My oldest put me threw the ringer once with a visit to the hospital, it is a day I will never forget and you will too use this one day as a reminder of how strong and wonderful your daughter is.
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