Looking For Info On A Few Things

sweet tea man

Haven't owned a Busa since around 2010 so things may have changed.

Anyone still using a RoadLok on their bike?

What is everyone using for HID lights? I want to say i bought my last ones through a group buy here from XenonKing

what about seats? Is New Image Seats still in business? any suggestions on others?

sweet tea man

Hey! Just found a guy on eBay has 10+ RoadLoks, brand new for Gen 1 bikes. For $90 free shipping!

Just ordered one, ill post up when i get it and let you guys know if its the real deal


I like ddm tuning for HID. I have had good luck, and their top tier kits are good.

I like saddleman seats. Not as flashy, but wow they are comfortable.


I have had the ballast and bulbs from hid50.com in my '08 for 9 years and they still work great!

Also, you might check out Corbin seats, they are very firm but feel good once broken in.


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I am running RoadLoKs on both my busas.

Heard good things about DDM for HIDs.


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I bought a Roadlok for the rear of my Busa years ago but they're hard to find now. Also, Corbin seats can be ordered with soft or hard foam. No need to wait for one to be comfortable. No one buys shoes that way do they? I've bought several from their plant in Hollister and have a new one on my CBX. Just tell them what you want. I happened to like the OEM seat on the Busa (first time ever) and when it began to wear down I bought a new OEM replacement for about $70. Helluva deal if you like how the original seat feels.


I happened to like the OEM seat on the Busa (first time ever) and when it began to wear down I bought a new OEM replacement for about $70. Helluva deal if you like how the original seat feels.
I like the seat too, surprisingly. I had a saddleman on my gsxr 1000 and it was nice. But this busa seat stock is about as good. I couldn't do super long distances on my 1k until seat upgrade, but stock busa seat I rode 300+ miles all day on a poker run and never had issues.
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