Long crank then start

Lately when its been warm out the busa has been a bit pesty. I'll go to start it and it'll crank longer then usual then finally start. It runs fine after wards is it just something with the heat i mean its only got 3,000 miles on it now
yes temp has alot to do with it here in so calif bike takes a couple cranks longer to start but runs fine winter come and the 1st time it fires but take alittle longer to warm up just like a car all the sensor have to read the values and send to ecm and then adjust to it :beerchug:
my bike does it too when its hot out. i heard it has something to do with heat adds compression or something. someone told me i couldn't go 13:1 on the big bore becasue its to hot here not sure if he is right...
Mine does to. Sometimes fires right up...sometimes takes a few seconds. I have learned to accept it as i don't think there is anything wrong with it. I have had 3 other Busas in the past that were completely stock that fired up within 1/2 a second. So be it! It's hot here in Texas!


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mines goofy like that too, but it don't give a damn, hot, cold, rode, sat overnight, sumtimes just takes longer to hit than others. lately tho, i've noticed like a 4 second crank every once in awhile b4 it hits.

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