Hard start when cold


So over the last few weeks my 2006 has started to act up when I first start it in the morning (or after it has set for say 5 hours). The bike has 18,500 miles and is basically stock except for the Two Brothers Carbon pipes and stainless brake lines. When I go to start the bike I hit the starter and she fires up in about a second idles briefly then dies. Hit the starter again and I ether get the same thing or a 4-5 second crank followed by a longer idle and then a stall. The 3rd - 4th crank she'll stay running. After it runs for even 30 seconds I can shut it down and it will fire right back up. Other then the starting issue the bike runs great. I changed the Air Filter and plugs about 2K miles ago the battery was new 2 months ago. I checked the tank vent and that is fine, the fuel pump sounds good but that just by ear so. Any thoughts?
There;s an adjustment for the fast idle

Do you ride much. Gasahol sux

If you read the manual I think you'll find a section telling you to turn the throttle a 1/4 turn for situations like this.
I ride it about 4 -5 days a week depending on weather, this time of year its my primary means of transportation. Maybe the fast idle needs kicked up a bit, I'll check that. I've bought it new and other then fork seals this is the first time its given me trouble. UPDATE I just checked the service manual and it says that when warm with the fast idle level on it should idle at 3,500 rpms........... yeah my bike is closer to 1,750 with it on.
sounds like the fast idle cable has stretched a bit over time or simply slipped....easy enough to adjust , lift the tank and move the fast idle lever and you'll see the cable system move and its adjusters are easily seen....may need to lift off the air box depending on your tools.
I adjusted the fast idle screw, and got the idle up to 3500 hot. It started quite a bit better this morning still stalled on the fast shot but ran longer and it stayed lit on the second shot, idled are 1200 for 2-3 seconds then climbed to 2,250. Whats funny is I never would have looked at the fast idle as its always idled that low on fast idle, so I guess it was never set right from the dealer.
Doesn't have to but you need to set the system correctly...with the range of 1100-3500 you can then use the lever to adjust the speed to suit your needs
I had similar problems, except just turn over, no spark. New spark plugs cleaned throttle bodies and pulled fuel pump. Still hard time with cold starts.
Now put new lithium ion battery in; she fires right up!

Thanks! Hayabusa.org rocks! :super::super:
Ok, thought I had this problem fixed; but now she won't start again! Weird thing is when I pour a little gas down the throttle bodies she fires right up. No backfiring sounds great. shut engine off won't start; give a little blip on the throttle starts up, but now won't idle. Cleaned fuel pump and filter month ago, new lithium Ion battery. checked fuel pressure on the rail 42psi, spark plugs are black!
I took the injectors off and cleaned them with brake cleaner, replaced o-rings, still wouldn't start. Poured little more gas down TB, spits and bogs, but fires.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
my last tune-up was 2009; valves I mean. New spark plugs, battery, oil, and anit-freeze; simple stuff I can do. Power commander 3, I disconnected and tried to start with no luck. I can hook up to pc3 and see the tune from 2009, and see my TPS is working.
2005 Busa 38k miles, original owner,
always garaged, PC3, dual HMF exhaust, 1397 BB, dynode.