LoBusa and friends ride L.A.

Big O

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Lo and her friends from No Limit MC came down to check out the Rock Store and ride some of the surrounding canyon roads, and go to Magic Mountain that night to ride the rollercoasters.

I was more than happy to play tour guide.

Here's a pic of the bikes at the Rock Store.

Lo has the good pics...
Lo, I hope Ced got his steering head fixed, and tell Sean (sp) maybe next time we'll do Angeles Crest for some big sweepers!

I saw this bike at Neptune's Net where we stopped for lunch and was looking for Hawaii... :laugh:

What a great day!!! Owen was a great tour guide!! We had a good (HOT!) ride through the mountains, hung out at the Rock Store then down to the beach to Neptunes in Malibu for lunch then more twisties back!! YES!! Owen, you are an awesome rider and thanks for takin' us!!!

That evening Big O and my crazyass friends went to Six Flags Magic Mountain and attempted to go on some rides... long, long, long lines.... (sigh) But we still had alot of good laughs. Can't wait to do it again sometime!! Owen, you're the BEST!!!!

Here we are chillin' at the rockstore.. We were the only celebrities there with our awesome bikes!!

Lunch at Neptunes in Malibu.... Shawn and Damien put on quite the show doing wheelies in front of the restaurant for all the tourists...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Thanks for posting pics...

We all need to move where the sun's (almost) always shining...lots of good riding time... :)
Yeah, when they did that side by side wheelie, that was coool.

Remember that kid in the t-shirt and shorts with the back pack at the lookout, we signed "wheelie" and he was like ok no biggie and did a standup all the way up the hill. haha!
Thanks for posting those pics. It looks like you had a great time. I will accept that open invitation someday... ;)
Nice pics. You guys must have been at the Rock Store on an off day to park that close! Speaking of close, that trailer shot is insane! Wow!
Yeah yah that was me! NOT!!! I wish I was there. Very nice Owen let me know when ya wanna come up here. - K
yes it is great to live in socal! for the riding anyhow and the weather.. my buddy came down from salt lake about a month ago and he's ready to move down here to live.. it is very addictive..
Sweet Bikes!!! That Blue 12, I would like to see a couple more shots of... Just...Wow...Good Stuff...