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OK here is the tentative schedule that I have worked out as far as the rides.  I know I won't be able to please everyone but I hope to satisfy most of you at some point.

Friday - Angles Crest
Satur  - GMR (Glendora Mountain Road)
Sund   - Rock Store

The rock store is more of a hang out not to hard going up especially me since I turfed "girlfriend" on the way up there last time.

Brennanop please let me know if you see something wrong with these!!!  I want to get together next Sunday if you have the time.  I will try to find your place and we can scout out some hotels and begin to make a list of who is in for real.  

Jester let me know if your still in.  I know your coming a long way for the So Cal rides so I don't want to disappoint you.  Hope you can get some of the other Texas riders to join in and come out with you.  

Please post here if your in!!!  Need to start attacking the hotel see if we can't get a discount or I will get all the rooms in my name and get a military discount for the whole thing and you all pay me.  We will get something...

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:
hey marc,

sounds good!! i have heard all of those are awesome rides in LA. can't wait. just let me know about the Hotels as soon as you have the info. i have gotten a few responses here and we are ready to make reservations!

talk to you soon.....

Lo you got it!! Want to tie down the hotel this weekend. Get some riding in as well. I hope to meet up with brennanop and do that on Sunday if he is available. I need him since he knows the lay of the land. So we can try and get a central location for a start off point. Brennanop give me a call (760) 583-4287. I am off Sunday and will be available to ride up your way and try to nail this one down. What do you think...'

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:
The schedule sounds good to me! I got an extra week's vacation for this so anything any day is good.

I am available this Sunday. I'll call you tonight to set the details. Cetrov may join us for the ride in Aug. as well as two other friends of mine. We will get the hotel situation done too.
Sunday is a done deal then. Will leave here early so I can make it up to your place. Maybe do Angles Crest? Never been there. Hey Big Gar if your available and interested in a long day of riding again to the LA area and want to go please feel free to join in. Otherwise Brennan it will be just lil ole me. Give me a call...