Limited production bike to beat the Busa

someone has been watching too much Tron. Quote: 'When roaring down the race track with this sick ride' you better hope that it is dead straight. lol.


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Not good in the corners and the ergos don't look right either. May be fast, but on the long haul it looks like it would kill ya.
id rather have a Y2K....cheaper, actually handles like a BIKE, and prolly just as fast or faster up to 200-and a Y2K can TURN!!!

and that seat looks horrible


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One Word... POS

A Bike Made by Dodge?
I'd rather ride a Harley.

We've been looking at this POS for years now, even seen video clips of the clowns responsible for it try to ride it. Guess what? It simply doesn't work. Like many concept vehicles function took a backseat to design and the thing is beyond Impractical, it simply doesn't work... Not to mention that it's the only thing ever created that makes a BOSS HOSS (The other Joke Of motorcycling) look usefull.

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That just doesn't look right. Can't take the babe for a ride. No fairing or windshield to break the wind. And you thought the busa is a warm ride - how would you like to lay on that monster for an hour or two. Interesting but NO THANKS!


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(KRUZIN @ Sep. 18 2006,07:26) Not a very practical bike, kinda like the Y2K turbin bike, not very practical..
But im sure if they sell it Jay Leno will buy it!!!!

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