Limited Edition Burnt Orange '03


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So who has the new ride? How 'bout some pictures? This is the only color not represented in our Laguna group. None of you Cali folks buying the Orange?
I have it but I live in Minnesota. You have seen it though. Here it is again.


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I don't recall seeing one that someone actually owns. Awesome! Now all you have to do is get it out to Cali mid July. You need to represent!
Wow, maybe. I am looking at trailers now. It's pretty comfy and maybe I could ride it there. Tell me the details please.
Wow, maybe.  I am looking at trailers now.  It's pretty comfy and maybe I could ride it there.  Tell me the details please.
Best bet is to go to General and read the thread on everything you wanted to know about Laguna. Basically, it is supposed to be the premeir track in the country and the races offer a great opportunity for us to see some great races, ride some great twisty roads, meet and hang out with each other, and check out literally thousands of great bikes.