License plate marquee!


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Ok, I thought I'd seen just about everything a person could do to a bike. I stand corrected............
Ever wanted to have a scrolling message (you design) on the back of your bike. Well here it is........
Vanity plate
Chromed Hardly Ableson gee-gaw.......when yer bike already weighs over 700 lbs., what's another five matter?   :D
I think it's neat...I could have one that reads "Follow me for live show"... :laugh:
Maybe so but just think of the possibilities the next time someone does something stupid around you. :devil:
"Oh, what's that? I can't quite read... Oh dear, I think I rear-ended that bike.... looks like he hit that barrier pretty hard and isn't moving..... Oh well.. I'm late for work, best be out of here."

:laugh: :alcoholic: