*** LEATHER WARZ!!! ***


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Tore the fly zipper on my leathers, and since I'm WAY TOO lazy to sew in a new one, thought I'd buy a new full suit. Looking at 2 piece full zip together over a one piece. $500 - $1100 or so. Love the Alpinestars look but seems pricey with THINNER leather over your basic cool 1.5 mm AGV.
Anybody with good/bad/ugly experience with either brand?
Kinda leanin toward the AGV for thicker, cheaper protection.
Newenough, com Bro.... And if you some serious leathers check out Vanson, Z-Custom, maybe Bates...

I'd say keep shopping though, The quality of workmanship and the quality of the leather is whats key in keeping you happy and healthy. For 1100 Vanson should have something just about right for you.
I have a set of Vanson road race leathers, they were made for me and they cost $1000.00 with full armor. They will fix any failed zippers for life for free.