launch technique


whats the best way to launch a busa with the mods i have in the sig. how many rpms should i launch from. do i just dump the clutch or slide it out. try to explain everything from start to finish in launching.
Topic: launch technique, whats best[/QUOTE]

when I saw that, I was hoping for some classes......
hold the left lever in and twist the right handle so the needle on the left is near the 11 and and then when the light turns from yellow to green let go of the left lever. :tounge:
wouldn't the Busa point the front wheel to the sky, doing that? (just wandering, 'cause i don't really know how to launch the Busa properly)
yeah it would prolly dump you off the back....and smash into the siderail and tip over....aka....don't do was a joke. ;)

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No offense, but you have all those mods and don't know how to launch? All that stuff is for draggin.. Just hold it at the line around 3500 and slip for a second then WFO. THat mod you have won't let the clutch chatter. I think Brock recommends leaving at around 2000 with the cushion. I'll know next week. Mine will be in my bike monday.